Dave and Dan: Project Glass

Project Glass is Google’s newest research and development program in the form of augmented reality eyewear. Similar to smartphone technology, Project Glass will present notifications about your online life and the world around you via a head-mounted display. Although the project has been received well overall, it’s also facing quite a bit of criticism. Specifically […]

Hua’s IM Tips: In Internet We Trust; These Search Myths You Can Bust

A lot of information about ranking high on search engines is available on the Internet, but not all of them can guarantee the success of your online marketing campaign. While some of these techniques were effective in the past, most of them no longer work. They will only jeopardize your search engine results and put […]

Daily Links: March 26, 2012

Another week has begun, and incoming online marketing news is making a buzz across the Internet. But before you read further, here is last weekend’s Internet marketing news that you might have missed. Google Says Panda 3.4 is “Rolling Out Now” Google has announced the latest in its ongoing updates to the Panda algorithm that […]

Hua’s IM Tips: Be a Keyword Nerd

Keywords are considered as the bread and butter of SEO. If not for keywords, your website would be stale, lowering your chances of being visible to your target market. There are numerous websites competing for rankings in top search results, so you’ll have to get the right keywords for greater visibility. But how do you […]

The Rise of Search Engines: A Brief History of the Web’s Most Essential Tool

The search engine is arguably one of the most important inventions of the 20th century. Without it, we’d be forced to wander through the depths of the Internet without a guide, unable to find what we seek without knowing the exact site URL. The search engine is our virtual compass; it’s our primary way of […]

Daily Links: March 22, 2012

Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Watch, SEOmoz and Web Pro News once again deliver the hippest and freshest news that shake up the world of SEO and Internet marketing. Below is today’s list of news and features that you shouldn’t miss checking out. The 3-3-3 Online Marketing Investment Model A few weeks ago I was thinking about […]

Daily Links: March 21, 2012

Want to learn more about online marketing? Then you’re at the right place on the Web! From conducting a Webinar to optimizing your site for mobile search and link building for new websites, today’s Daily Links are fresh from the mill. Keep on reading and check out the online marketing information that you might have missed. The Social […]

Hua’s IM Tips: Update Your Marketing Strategy with These 10 Tips on PPC

The tools people use to post content on the Internet continuously change to cater the increasing demand of “frictionless” sharing. Nowadays, users don’t just digest content from search engines—they are also using other platforms to gather information. Also, online marketers are rethinking their pay-per-click strategies to reach their target market. 1. Always Check Your PPC’s […]

Daily Links: March 19, 2012

A new week has begun, and the news mills are churning the latest online marketing update for today. From Search Engine Journal, Clickz, Search Engine Watch and various sources from across the Web, here is last weekend’s Internet marketing news that you might have missed. Google’s Over SEO Optimization Penalty If you haven’t already heard, Google’s […]

Dave and Dan: Celebrity Pinterest Boards

It’s no secret that Pinterest is social media’s newest and brightest star. While generating buzz, it’s generating leads and increasing conversion rates for brands. It’s also serving as a virtual “vision board” and curation-station for trendsetters and tastemakers. Take a look at our newest Dave & Dan Comic to find out what some of today’s […]