Hua’s IM Tips: In Internet We Trust; These Search Myths You Can Bust

A lot of information about ranking high on search engines is available on the Internet, but not all of them can guarantee the success of your online marketing campaign. While some of these techniques were effective in the past, most of them no longer work. They will only jeopardize your search engine results and put […]

How to Create a Terrible Link Building Strategy!

Want a guide to strategic link building? You shouldn’t have any trouble finding them. From How to Build Links Like a Rock Star to Win Friends, Build Links, and Influence People to How Building Links is Like Selling Meth, every SEO on the Internet has penned his or her own Ultimate Guide to Building Links. Sure, they all inherently […]

How to Not Suck at Link Building

If the only referrals to your site are from your mom’s Facebook page, you probably suck at link building. If you tweet eight times a day begging other Twitterers for links, you probably suck at link building. And, if your idea of link building is to set up sham sites stuffed with links to your […]

How to Win a Free Link Audit for Your Website

Link building is a delicate process that can easily end up harming your reputation if not done properly. As we mention in our link building services page, not all links are created equal. Both link quality and quantity must be taken into consideration when creating a link building strategy. Luckily, Hua Marketing is here to […]

Outsourcing Industry News Weekly Recap: December 15 – 22, 2011

Online marketing company analysts are in a mad scramble to make the necessary changes on their websites and other campaigns for the coming year. Here is the latest set of outsourcing industry news that these analysts can use in the daunting task to expand their online network, discover business opportunities and prepare for next year. […]

What is Hua Marketing?

A set of efficient marketing strategies is a perpetual requirement for all businesses. Thankfully, the Internet has made marketing a notch easier and more affordable. Since almost everyone turns to the Internet whenever they need something, marketers and business owners rapidly recognize the Web as one of the best venues to spend marketing dollars. Indeed, […]

Top Web Design Trends to Expect in 2012

As a new year edges closer and closer, it’s time for designers to gaze into their crystal balls and imagine the world of web design in 2012. What new trends will this new year bring? What’s the next big thing in web design– and what past trends will be irrelevant in 2012? Gaze into the […]

Top Online Marketing Services

With millions of people using the Internet, businesses are taking every service that online marketing firms could provide to its full extent. Apparently, Internet marketing is more than Google ads and Facebook. It is actually a way for companies to reach and retain their target market online. Below are the top online marketing services companies […]

More About Hua’s Three Core Services

In this technology-driven world, the huge potential of the Internet is no longer limited to rants on blogs and hate pages on social networking sites. Nowadays, many companies are seeing how powerful the World Wide Web is in creating an impact on the global market. Hence, the birth of online marketing. However, online marketing can […]

Most Popular Services Offered by Hua

As a small business owner, you have loads of things to attend to—providing service to your clients, organizing your finances, and distributing your products. With the amount of work on your plate, wasting time is not an option, especially with your marketing efforts. You need to find a way to better market your brand, build […]