What Type of Content Marketer Are You? [Infographic]

Have you ever thought about what it takes to be an online marketer? Or questioned how well suited you are to your current role? Well if you ask yourself that question… this flowchart probably won’t help you. It is however fun to follow it through though and see if you land on your current role or if you are better suited warming Chris Brogan’s mustache for a living. All of these questions and more will most likely not be answered in this graphic, but if you have 5 mins to kill while your boss is counting his money and fancy demoralizing yourself that you are truly under qualified for your role… have a go ‘yippee’.


[textareaopen]What type of Content Marketer Are you
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Claire Stokoe spent the beginning of her life as an artist but very quickly developed a talent in her late 20′s for website promotion. She has worked hands-on with social media for the past 8 years, cutting her teeth at Brighton agencies Leapfrogg and Freshegg, ran her own social promotions company Psychomedia and now works for Northeast Based agency Mediaworks online marketing creating infographics for a large portfolio of clients. Working closely with forum groups, power users, promoters, SEO’s, writers and infographic designers, Claire has brought her passion for telling stories into a  hard-edged and commercially valuable environment.

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  • Apparently, I’m a marketer that doesn’t abide sad attempts at empty link building. I hope nobody sees this infographic. Every logical conclusion is false, and int even the slightest bit clever or humorous. I’m not sure what the original intent was, but consider the result a FAIL.

    • I have to agree. I found the whole use of phrases like “Jill Whalen’s Bitch” and “Guy Kawasaki’s Toilet Paper” to be juvenile. Does the proximity of those who land on “Jill Whalen’s Bitch” indicate that they are very close to being Technical SEO’s? And why is there a boy scout (?) at the bottom? O_O

    • Tally — IGs are meant to create an emotional response from the reader as a way to get him/her to comment or respond to the material presented. In this case, the IG has succeeded with your comment. Thanks for taking the time to chime in with your thoughts! 🙂

    • I think the Media Works team was just trying to have some fun. Don’t think this is a decisive tool anyone should use to grade themselves. And with all things fun, it is a matter of taste.

      Thanks for your comments though

    • Tally.. i now renounce my funny bone to you. The days i spent putting this detailed flow chart together, the painstaking excel sheet ticking off, the fine detail of each inch of Rands costume – all A FAIL in your eyes. I am nothing now.. empty… alone

      I go, shuffle off to the tiny crevice in the back of my computer, half way between a usb port and the carpet and weep..’sob’ – shuffle

  • Pete Cashmore’s Money Carrier! That’s good, right? Either way it was fun to read everything… love the interactive quality of it.

  • It’s very irrational to seriously judge yourself on the basis of this infographic. It was clearly meant to entertain and be fun. Anyhow, I found it comforting to have a little Wes Anderson humor plugged in at the end.

  • Whatiya know – I’m a link builder… a noble profession. Tally is just annoyed because they took the info-graphic as a serious way to judge aptitude instead of taking it as a bit of fun and now everyone is laughing at her/him (Tally is a silly name).