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The final step of the Content Life Cycle analyzes the performance of the other three processes in order to determine the success of the overall cycle.

All content is created for an intended purpose. Whether it is to convert readers into sales and leads, establish a list of users and emails, or initiate some other unique action, Conversions are the root and purpose of all content products.

Through our conversion optimization service, we analyze the performance of the content to determine if the process successfully delivered the intended number of conversions. By using real data acquired during the Content Life Cycle, we develop strategies to increase the number of future conversions.

Increasing conversions may include tactics such as Retargeting Content, which will revise the approach to creating and promoting the content, and Opt-in List Building, which will direct causal content consumers to sign up for client lists.

Whatever the intended result, our Conversion process will continue to increase the strength of the overall Content Life Cycle and allow for more successful Content Life Cycle revolutions.

Our Process
  1. Our team will work with you to decide which conversion opportunity is the best for your content.
  2. We will build the creative for the campaign to match your content and brand
  3. We manage the retargeting program, providing reporting on our success.
  4. We iterate based on the data we collect to increase conversions over time
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