An Entrepreneurs Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing

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An Entrepreneur's Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing in 2016

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Who is this whitepaper for?

New and old entrepreneurs, start-ups, or maturing businesses, this guide is for anyone who uses their website to generate business. Content marketing is one of the most critical components of an effective digital marketing strategy, and with the growing trend towards generating quality content, there has never been a better time to get into the content marketing game!

What will I learn?

This whitepaper takes a holistic approach to understanding content marketing in 2016. It covers the basics like setting goals and KPIs, but also dives into SEO, web-usability, and content development. As an entrepreneur, it is critical that you not just understand how to create incredible marketing content, but that you also know how to measure and iterate it. This guide shows you all of that and more!

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Section Topics:

Section 1Setting Your Budget and ROI Goals

Section 2SEO Requirements and Web Usability in 2016

Section 3Making Sure Your Content is Contemporary and Complete

Section 4Go Above and Beyond With Your Content

Section 5Regional Content Marketing and Local SEO Advantages