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The Connections phase of the Content Life Cycle takes quality Content and places it on other high-level, online platforms in order to build connections.

By sharing unique content with online authorities through guest posting, CopyPress maximizes the mobility and visibility of both the brand and the content. Each post, purposed for PR, reaches a new audience and builds brand awareness all while performing the added bonus of increasing relevance in organic search.

Our Connections program is different from traditional link building services because we aren’t creating content for the purpose of links. We are creating connections through content for the purpose of linking to a new audience.

CopyPress is extremely selective when it comes to choosing content and sites for guest blogging. We only place high-quality content created by a select team of writers and designers, and we only build connections with authority sites that will increase brand awareness and traffic for our client. The link building created from our outreach is simply another benefit of the connection.

Our Process
  1. We work with marketers to find out the main goals of their campaign. Every campaign has a unique goal, whether it’s traffic, SEO, social media exposure, or public relations.
  2. Based on the goal we utilize our Connection Seeker software to find appropriate targets for the campaign. We do this by matching factors such as publisher readership, SEO value, and their visibility in social. We also pull publishers to target based on the marketer’s competition to assure they can reach audiences their competition is already reaching.
  3. We then go through an ideation process to create content ideas that fit the publisher’s onsite content, and achieve the marketer’s goals.
  4. We provide our targets, content ideas, and outreach method to the marketer to make sure that they completely match their strategy. This step in our process makes us unique, and shows our desire to deliver the highest quality product.
  5. Once approved we begin to connect with publishers to publish the content once complete. If a publisher denies our content, we find a replacement and alert the marketer for approval.
  6. Lastly, we deliver real-time reporting to maximize transparency and communication.
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