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Product Descriptions

Content displayed next to products on a website has a lot more value than most online marketers think. Unique copy that positively and professionally describes products is instrumental in both leading a user to a site and converting the user to a sale.

The problem is most marketers devalue the importance of search engine optimized Product Descriptions because they believe the challenge of creating unique content for thousands of products is more work that it is worth. That doesn’t have to be the case. CopyPress is fully capable of scaling for large eCommerce campaigns while maintaining the high-level of professionalism required to attract users and incite sales conversions.

Our Team

CopyPress meets our client’s large scale production schedules by employing a large community of writers specifically trained and skilled in writing search engine optimized, sale-oriented Product Descriptions. This team of writers matched with our advanced Content Management System and product feed integration makes it possible for us to produce a high volume of production while maintaining content quality and technical organization.

Our Process
  1. Clients complete a basic questionnaire that defines their unique content needs and style preferences.
  2. CopyPress may use a client’s existing product feed for production or build a feed for clients that don’t already have one.
  3. CopyPress assigns industry writers certified in Product Description Writing to create the content.
  4. Customer service reps remain available to answer any client questions and concerns during production.
  5. Clients manage and monitor their content order via our Content Management Software which allows for edit requests and feedback, as well as content approval and final download. Clients may also opt for customized integration.
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