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The Curation portion of the Life Cycle positions Content in a way that elevates the exposure of the published piece and allows it to reach its highest outreach potential.

Content, no matter how interesting, educational, or engaging, is only valuable if people are reading it. So it is vital that content be visible to a wide audience and establish a strong presence on Facebook, Pinterest, and other high traffic social sites.

CopyPress uses social media marketing techniques that include Organic Curation and Social Ad Seeding to spread valuable, attention-grabbing content. Using the right combination of high-quality content and Curation, we create viral, in-demand content.

We accomplish this by using our influence in social media to share and push content through a large network of powerful users. We don’t pay for this exposure. We simply send and share the Content with the people most likely to initiate viral content and increase overall online exposure.

Our Process
  1. We work with you to find the correct platforms to seed your content. Not every platform is right for every piece of content.
  2. We establish a budget for the seeding, and give you a guaranteed visitor count for this spend
  3. We work with our established network, and advertising accounts to leverage your content
  4. We create a report of the seeding and curation to allow for easy ROI analysis.
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