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“From creating content in various languages to helping with idea creation, the CopyPress team has been a pleasure to work with.”

Mattias Bergehed

Mattias Bergehed

Head of SEO at LeoVegas

Your Fractional Content Marketing Agency

“Bolt On” Content Marketing Teams

We build subject matter expert writing teams for digital agencies and brands in any industry to create marketing content at scale that delivers traffic, rankings, & revenue.

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Our specialty is researching, finding, hiring and managing bespoke teams of writers for our clients who have the unique credentials, experience AND writing ability to craft winning content for your marketing site and content marketing campaigns.

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Content marketing in the finance industry can be challenging without the knowledge and experience of a subject matter expert. At CopyPress, we work with highly skilled SMEs who understand the requirements and nuances of financial topics. So, no matter what kind of information you’re providing for your target audience, our team is here to help your brand build authority, trust, and credibility in your niche.

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The technology industry is constantly evolving with new innovations. The CopyPress team works with experts in the tech space who understand the complexities of these topics. Whether you’re creating content for a tech blog or developing a guide for software products or services, our SMEs have the experience and knowledge your brand needs to establish itself as an authority in the industry.

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At CopyPress, we understand how competitive and fast-paced the recruitment industry is. We also understand the challenges of attracting and keeping top talent. With the right content strategy supported by highly skilled SMEs in the industry, you can increase your reach and find more opportunities to support your recruitment goals.

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When you leverage the knowledge and expertise of health care SMEs, you can create high-quality content that positions your brand as an authoritative resource for health services and information. And partnering with CopyPress brings you a team of highly skilled medical and health SMEs who can help your brand build this trust and credibility with its target audience.

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Our team of retail and e-commerce experts have the knowledge your brand needs to navigate content creation in the industry. With this expertise, we can help your brand develop a content strategy that boosts authority, showcases your products, and drives customers to your offers.

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The travel industry is becoming more saturated than ever. With so many travel options for your target customers, it’s challenging to position your brand as an authority in this niche. That’s why CopyPress works with SMEs. Our team of experts can support your content creation with a deep knowledge of travel and tourism, resulting in more authority and visibility for your brand.

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Our Content Marketing Services

Streamline your content creation strategy with a dedicated team of project managers, content marketers, and SEO strategists. Get access to enterprise level content product management tools, AI/ML software that revolutionizes content planning and keyword clustering. Let us do the heavy-lifting needed to create the topical content, eBooks, white-papers & infographics you need to generate additional traffic, rankings & revenue.

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Our team of highly skilled writers, editors, and QA specialists helps with all your content projects. From short blog posts to detailed eBooks and more, CopyPress delivers high-quality results.

“From creating content in various languages to helping with idea creation, the CopyPress team has been a pleasure to work with.”

Mattias Bergehed

Mattias Bergehed

Head of SEO at LeoVegas

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Content Connect, our content promotion service, works with publishers and brands to place exciting branded content on websites. These customized partnerships are the ultimate win-win scenario. Publishers get paid to post unique web content designed with their readers in mind. Brands benefit by having their content promoted on high-quality, high-visibility sites.

Content Connect is the matchmaker in these connections, making it an easy and quick process for the publisher and the brand.

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Do you have a presence in international markets? Maintain your presence there by creating excellent content with CopyPress. We do it all, from in-depth research articles to translating existing content.

The content team has over 2,757 writers and editors. We create pieces that match your company’s style and brand voice. CopyPress always assigns native language speakers to your project. Our creative team develops unique content natively in over 42 languages.

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Your time is valuable. When running a business, there are only so many things you can do in one day. Don’t commit an excessive amount of time and energy to researching and writing a white paper yourself. Instead, choose CopyPress and let our writing and editing team do all that work for you.

We start by learning about your business, customers, content goals, and objectives. Then we create a style guide that aligns with your brand’s voice. To choose your writer, we use our team database to find someone who understands your business industry and niche.

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Well-written product descriptions highlight how special your products are. Quality descriptions deliver a better user experience. They also increase conversion rates, which means more income.

Copywriting for product pages requires knowledge of your specific industry and SEO. Our team understands the importance of both.

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Creating and sharing quality articles improves your brand’s online presence. It also helps your company build credibility and establish thought leadership in your business niche. We have over 2,757 vetted writers and editors available on our content team. Because of them, we’re able to create content that matches your company’s style and brand voice. We always assign native language speakers to your project. That allows us to create unique content natively in over 42 languages.

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Quality eBooks help establish your company as a credible industry source. Relevant, engaging reading material answers your customers’ questions or solves their problems. This elicits conversions and allows them to foster greater trust in your brand.

CopyPress uses custom software to help streamline the eBook creation process. We assist you with everything from topic creation to design. This includes research, wireframes, and content creation. Our detailed planning ensures that your eBook is high quality and delivered on time. We interview your team members, conduct research, and create content on your topic. With different industry experiences, our content creators manage any project you have.

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CopyPress functions like an extension of your organization, supporting your content marketing initiatives. Our full-service blog writing saves you time and resources. While our team produces original blog posts that engage your audience, you can focus on other tasks.

We can also ensure that each blog post has an eye-catching topic relevant to your industry. Using our software, Thematical, we find new keyword opportunities in your content strategy. Then we turn those opportunities into topics that engage your audience and help you get ahead of your competition.

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Industries We’ve Worked In

Finance Icon


Does your content provider understand your industry? At CopyPress, we’ve spent over a decade working with financial services and publishing companies like Point Digital Finance, Clements Worldwide Insurance, and Kabbage.

Tech Icon


Over the last decade, we’ve created and promoted content for some of the largest brands in the world, including WP Engine, McAfee, and Salesforce. At CopyPress, we understand your technology company and customers are unique.

Recruit Icon


CopyPress knows how to attract career-seekers to recruitment websites with interesting content. Whether people need interview tips or just want info on in-demand careers, CopyPress covers it.

Health Icon


At CopyPress, we create and promote content for some of the largest health brands, including health care providers, wellness brands, and online pharmacies.

Retail Icon


CopyPress knows retail. We’ve spent more than a decade creating high-quality, engaging content for retail businesses across diverse markets. The results? Higher search rankings, more traffic, and more sales.

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We know how important it is to create content that attracts and engages your audience in the travel industry. At CopyPress, we’ve helped many brands and businesses do some amazing things with their content marketing strategies.

Content Marketing Tools

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Content Analysis

Requesting your custom content analysis is the first step to learning how to make your content marketing more effective. Discover how your content compares to your top competitors and reveal gaps in your keyword strategy.

  • Keyword Gap
  • Discover competitor keywords
papers of charts and graphs on a table with two sets of hands poised overtop


Our Thematical tool takes your content strategy to the next level. It uses the data from your content analysis to identify and sort topic gaps to make content creation easier and more targeted to your industry and audience.

copypress proprietary cms, dante


The Dante content project management portal makes it easy for our creatives to develop your content and for clients to track campaign projects. In addition to content creation, Dante publishes content to your preferred CMS.

FAQ about Working With Copypress

How does CopyPress assign writers to my campaign?

We choose only certified writers, editors, and reviewers who understand your industry to research, create, and deliver your content. No matter the topic, our team of highly skilled and knowledgeable creatives will produce top quality, niche content that aligns with your goals and delivers value to your audience.

Two professional women writing on a white board to layout their timeline infographic.

What’s the average campaign timeline?

While we work hard to establish consistent production and delivery schedules, we also create a scope of work that’s completely unique to your goals. We allow several weeks to a month for content creation and promotion, while scaling up can take a bit longer. Get in touch with our team and learn how we tailor each campaign specifically to your content needs.

Teamwork helps us select the best information. To bring to customers to use in successful work. Quality work concept, vintage effect.

How does CopyPress ensure high-quality content?

We help you create a custom style guide specific to your brand needs, ensuring the content our team produces matches your expectations. With creatives who understand your industry and our rigorous QA process, your content stays true to your brand voice—each and every time.

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