10 Social Media Engagement Tactics For Growing Your Audience


As we all know, social media is one of the most powerful tools for increasing the exposure of your brand; however, simply telling your reader to use social media is not incredibly useful. There are many ways for you to use a social media platform, the question is where to start and what to do.

This post describes 10 social media engagement tactics for improving and increasing your engagement with your followers. Using these tactics will allow you to easily expand your brand’s identity as well as grow your audience.

1. Post Frequently and Consistently.

The key to successful social media marketing is to post often. The more you post, the more engagement you will likely have. Most companies around the globe have a social media presence of some type. I it is easy to go unnoticed among the crowd if a company doesn’t stay active by posting new and meaningful content both frequently and consistently.

If you expect people to engage with you, then you need to maintain your presence by posting frequently. Since posting on social media multiple times a day is a little difficult, why not make it easier for yourself? You can use a tool like SocialPilot to help you to post on multiple social media platforms in advance. This social media scheduling tool not only helps save your time and effort, but may also increase engagement.

How can you share content more than once?

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  • On the day you publish your blog: Share your social media updates when your blog post goes live.
  • On the same day: Share your content with multiple social media platforms over the course of the next 2-3 hours.
  • The day after: Continue to share your content with the appropriate social media platforms.
  • The following week or month: Keep sharing your post. Pre-schedule your social media posts for the following week, month, or beyond.

You can share video, quotes, and conduct polls in an effort to keep your audience engaged. This not only allows your company the opportunity to make a mark in the crowd, but also to remain at the forefront in the minds of your customers.

2. Create and Join Groups and Forums.

The roles of forums and groups in social media have increased dramatically in recent times. Numbers of forums, communities, and groups on social media are increasing at a high rate and are expected to continue to do so. There are over 2 million groups on LinkedIn alone and that number only increases when we include the groups on Facebook and other social networking sites.

The key for marketers to succeed in these forums and groups is to join a conversation rather than starting it. Instead of promoting products or creating a large group, which gets difficult to control, it’s important to create a relatively small but active group.

The newest feature introduced by Facebook is called a sale group and can be of great use to marketers in letting people know about their company as well as the products and services offered. It also allows the company to sell to the members of the group only. A company or individual seller can become the member, start a discussion, display their product(s) and sell them.

3. Hold Q&A sessions.

The key to making any social media marketing campaign successful is to engage the audience. The more engagement, the more buzz is created which helps a company to keep its name in the forefront of the mind of the customer.

Question and answer sessions allow a company to have a conversation with their audience and to identify their audience’s views about its products and services.There are many Q&A websites that a company can use. Some of them are Quora,, Yahoo Answers, The Straight Dope and more.

A company should have its presence on all of these popular websites in order to answer customer’s queries and ask customers questions. For example, Amazon has answered a total of 238 questions on There are many people who have a lot of questions which need answers and having access to Q&A websites can provide the best solution for addressing an issue.

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4. Use Social Media Tools.

Technology helps to do everything in a better way and social media marketing is no exception. The use of different social media tools not only improves a company’s social media performance but can also help a company analyze their performance.

There are various tools which can help a company to automate its social media presence and make its usage more effective. Some of these tools include Unmetric, Everypost, Tweepi and the list go on.

Using these tools ensures that social media strategies and tactics, like those mentioned above, are implemented effectively, provide better results, and establish a dominant presence in the digital marketing arena.

5. Conduct Polls and Surveys.

Polls and surveys have been important ways to generate information about audiences for years. They allow a company to not only generate meaningful information but also to engage the audience.

As a marketer, if you want to attract more audience with less effort, try using a survey. Tools like SurveyMonkey, Twtpoll and others can be of assistance when framing a successful polling campaign.

Pizza Hut India recently rolled out the following simple poll asking the audience to name a pizza. This not only engaged the audience, but also provided them with an opportunity to choose the name that Pizza Hut India might use for an upcoming pizza.

Image via Twitter by PizzaHutIndia

6. Join Twitter Chats.

It is not always necessary for a marketer to start a conversation. Sometimes finding the right conversation and then being a part of the conversation can make social media more effective for a company.

GiONEE, a smartphone manufacturer, did very well in getting their audience to start a chat with them by asking them a contest question. This allowed them to interact with a number of difference audiences using minimal effort.

7. Ask Followers to Engage.

You won’t get something until you ask for it. The same applies to engaging your customers on social media. The more power you provide people with, the more they will want to engage.

The probability of the audience engaging in your campaign increases when you give them a reason to engage. This can be in the form of a monetary reward or simply a social activity. This increases the chances of them liking, retweeting or sharing your content.

For instance, Flipkart recently repeated its #le2onFlipkart contest where it asked its followers 4 questions and provided two free cell phones to the lucky winners. Such rewards encouraged the audience to participate and share the contest; which, in turn, helped Flipkart create abuzz on social media.

Image via Twitter by FlipKart

8. Make it Easy for People to Engage.

Most companies’ social media accounts fail even when they share good content. The reason for this is the difficulty of the audience to engage in the conversation with the company.

The core of social media is its ease in connectivity and communication. When sharing content or hosting contests on social media, companies should keep in mind that it is easy for the user to participate and engage in the same. The easier it is, the more audience it will attract.

The #KickForABrick is a great example of a company making it easy for an audience to respond. The company asked followers to perform simple, yet fun things, like shooting videos of them playing football, submitting a picture of them making a football sketch, tweeting a picture of a t-shirt with #KickForABrick written on it and then challenging their friends to do the same. The result was that it created a lot of traffic on its page.

Image via Twitter by pg2012kumar

9. Respond Quickly and Thoroughly.

Social media is not the only tool a company can use to promote and market its products, but it is an important tool for remaining in touch with current and potential customers. Most customers follow companies on multiple social media platforms in order to get new updates about their products and services as well as to get quick and effective after-sales service. This wasn’t something that was possible when using traditional methods before the rise of social media.

Customer responses is why social media becomes important for companies. They need to respond to the customer not only quickly, but with the right amount of information. Research by Brandwatch on social media strategies of the retail industry show that 53% of social media users expect a response within 60 minutes; however, only 12% of companies respond per expectation. This shows room for improvement, which can be attained by using different social media tools, setting alerts, and continuous monitoring.

10. Share Contents and Comments of Others.

Just shamelessly promoting your products and services can make a poor impression on customers. This is why a company should also share content and comments which may be directly or indirectly related to the products and services they provides.

It’s important to remember that the audience may not believe what you say about yourself, your products or your services; therefore it becomes necessary to share the content and comments of others on your page. This makes it easier for a customer to trust you.

An example of this is when Toyota’s Prius car model won the Green Car Award of The Year 2016 by Auto Express. The audience may not have believed the company if it had made the claim itself; thus it shared the content of the awarding organization, thereby making the audience aware.

Image via Twitter by AutoExpress

Which social media method(s) worked for you?

I am excited to hear from you with respect to which strategies will be most helpful in your social media marketing efforts. Which tools will work best in assisting you to grow your audience? Please share your thoughts on Twitter with us @Copypress and @TheNextScoop.

Author Bio

Sawaram Suthar is a digital marketing evangelist and founder of blog. Within a short timespan, he has helped various enterprises increase their traffic and ROI. His expertise lies in digital marketing, SEO and brand promotion. He is also the founder of the digital marketing agency, Jagat Media. When he is not at his desk, he loves to make new connections, meet people and invest his time in his family. You can find him on @sawarams.

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