12 Tips To Make Your Small Business Website Pop

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July 28, 2021 (Updated: January 23, 2024)

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In the digital age, all companies need to have a web presence, especially small businesses. Why? Because how else are you supposed to compete with companies like Amazon, where you can buy things for same-day shipping without getting out of bed? Fortunately, you can steal some tricks from corporations on how to leverage the internet, even without their marketing budgets. Small Business Trends provided some great tips on their blog, but we also added a few of our own.

12 Tips To Strengthen Your Small Business Website

Use these tips to take your small business website from drab to fab:

1. Use the Golden Ratio

If you were one of those kids in school that thought you wouldn’t need math when you grew up, think again. The Golden Ratio is a mathematical proportion that looks at how the arrangements of different sized elements become most appealing to the human eye. Using this principle can help people browse a page more quickly, find what they need, and come back. Want more detail? Check out this in-depth explanation from UX Planets.

2. Conduct Keyword Research

You don’t have to have a certificate in search engine optimization (SEO) to take advantage of it on your website. Keywords are one way people can find your website through search engines. You can do simple keyword research online yourself. Google your industry, products, or services. What words do you see repeatedly?

Stuck on how to incorporate these keywords on your site? Check out one of our past blog posts about using keywords in your writing.

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3. Pick tasteful Pop-ups

Who likes pop-ups? Nobody. However, a tasteful pop-up can lead to more conversions if you offer the right things and put them in the right place. Try adding a pop-up to your checkout page for a free giveaway or a discount code. Still on the fence about pop-ups? Check out this write-up from the Content Marketing Institute.

4. Choose a Helpful Web Platform

Anybody can create a website, but creating an excellent website is the tricky part. Website builders like Wix and WordPress make it easier to design a professional website without a tech team. Most programs have low-cost paid plans with access to themes, customization options, and company support to help you create an appealing site.

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5. Go Luxury

How do luxury brands get their status? Rich customers and marketing. Use branding to make your website seem exclusive. Target a niche audience and make people feel like part of a group, secret club, or community when they visit your site. This can keep them coming back for more.

6. Create Loyal Customers

Give the people what they want and get a customer for life. Hold sales, share discounts, and provide customer service online to create loyal customers. Keep any promises you make in your content, such as those related to shipping, service times, or returns.

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7. Stay Connected

In a perfect world, people would love your site so much they come back to it every day. In the real world, you probably don’t even visit your own site every day. So how do you get return customers? Remind them you exist. Include ways for people to sign up for newsletters or follow your social media accounts. Then, prompt people to return when you have sales or company news.

8. Combat Cybersecurity Threats

Have you ever seen that episode of Friends where some guy locks Joey in his entertainment unit and robs the place? Pretty silly, right? If you’re not actively trying to prevent shady behavior on your website, you’re just Joey waiting for someone to say “I bet that entertainment unit can’t fit a grown man.” Check out what Smallbiz Technology has to say about the biggest cybersecurity threats for businesses in 2021 to protect your site.

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9. Produce Pretty Pictures

Did you know 49% of marketers use visual content on their blogs and websites? Why? Would you buy a car, house, or even a toaster oven online without seeing a picture of it first? Probably not. Consider using photographs, infographics, and custom illustrations for variety.

10. Set Things in Motion

Take things beyond pictures and set them in motion. Use GIFs, videos, and interactive media to create an engaging experience on your site. The more people talk about your content, the more visitors you may get.

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11. Get the Help You Need

You don’t have to have a big content team on your payroll to get quality writing for your website. Get help from CopyPress! We offer many content writing services like product descriptions and blog posts. Contracting out to us can save you time to focus on other aspects of your business.

12. Explore Different Marketing Tactics

Is a website only good if other people see it? That can’t hurt. Try different marketing strategies to help draw more visitors to your site. Need help figuring out which strategies to use? Check out this advice from Outbrain.

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