People often ask me, “What do you do, exactly?” and every time I never know how to answer. My response starts off something like, “So, there’s a computer, right? And on that computer you can get on the internet…” And ends with something like, “…and that’s how SEO works.” After my 30 minute spiel, the person usually looks more confused than before.

I think a lot of people often wonder what makes up Connections and how the process works. So instead of me trying to explain it, I will leave it up to the other articulate people I work with. Together we should be able to make the “connections” connection.


If I were explaining to my momma: As an outreacher/connector I reach out via email to the blogging community to offer quality articles for their site. In doing so, the blogger receives free content to boost their site’s traffic, while allowing an outlet online or placements for our clients.


Online publishers need to consistently provide their audiences with useful content, but great content takes a lot of time and effort. As a blog grows in popularity, it becomes difficult to give their audience enough content to keep them coming back.

Meanwhile, marketers want to get their message in front of a target audience. They want to create content that will resonate with this audience, but often have a difficult time knowing the best place to reach them, or even how to go about packaging their brand message in an effective way.

So, there is a need for content, and there is a need for getting in front of a certain audience. Connections helps bridge the gap between publisher and marketer.

We act as the middle man, building relationships with publishers whose target audience overlaps with that of the marketer. We provide publishers with free, relevant content for their audience, while also providing the marketer with a platform to get in front of that audience.


 I build and nourish relationships with high-tier sites.


Connections is like building a bridge to an island and developing a civilization of relationships there where there was none before.


I take content ordered by the client and pitch it out to sites that would fit their niches.


Connections is the process of developing leverage-able relationships that are mutually beneficial. We provide websites and blogs with high quality content and in exchange we are providing public relations for our clients.


We have a team of writers/designers who create content like articles or infographics for the client. The connectors find and contact bloggers/website admins and offer them the content. When the content gets posted, the site gets quality content and the client gets exposure.

Jessica P.

Connections is all about reaching out to people and establishing a relationship of give and take for mutual benefit.


Connections is basically like PR and sales rolled into one, minus the phone. I contact bloggers, offer them something they need – high quality content – and in exchange we serve our clients’ purposes.

Jessica S.

The point of my job is to share compelling articles with publishers and in turn, create brand exposure for our clients.


To me, connections is exactly what it sounds like. It’s my job to connect the clients and their services/products with a site that has an audience looking for such services/products. We take quality content and find it a home on a quality site that makes sense, while building lasting relationships with great bloggers and editors.


It is about relationship building and content sharing. So the next time someone asks you what your job description is you can explain it to them with ease.