14 Things CopyPress Loves About Content Marketing

Courtni Casanova


February 14, 2017 (Updated: May 4, 2023)

CopyPress loves content marketing. That’s no secret. But just what is it about content marketing that we hold so dear? We got into the Valentine’s Day spirit and asked around the office to get some insight from the great people who make CopyPress what it is. They sure showed the love. There were some pretty clear themes. Read on to find out what our dedicated CopyPressers have to say about their industry.

What Will be Next

“I love that content marketing is innovative and continues to grow in today’s world. From blog posts, to social media Snapchat stories, to Instragram posts…what will be next?”

– Jennifer Ross, Client Strategist 

The innovation of content marketing can’t be denied. There are so many means to reach an audience. A lot of brands have embraced their innovative sides and stepped up to the plate to offer up some excellent examples of what it means to run a content marketing campaign.  Innovation can be the make or break piece of the puzzle for your brand.

Individual’s Creativity

“I love how content marketing allows for an individual’s creativity to shine.”

– Sarah Duffy, Editorial Campaign Manager

The beauty of content marketing is that people have room to be creative. If you can dream it, you can do it. It takes creativity to get content in front of the consumer in a way that they’ll not only digest it, but be happy to have seen it in the first place.

Clever and creative content can go a long way in building the respect your audience has for you and keeping you in the minds of people who may not have necessarily put much thought into you or your industry. Think of Super Bowl commercials. Are you surprised when an unexpected brand puts out a creative ad that gets your attention? Creativity keeps you stuck in the mind of consumers, and that’s a great place to be.

Understand Cultural Differences

“I love that it can be used as a positive way to understand cultural differences.”

– Cristie Rivera, QA Manager

Content marketing’s reach is far and wide. Those people using influencers in their content marketing campaigns may know especially well the unique position it puts them in to understand things from diverse points of view. The ability to work with people you wouldn’t usually interact with lets you understand cultural differences in a way you may not have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to do.

Conversation Starter

“I love how much of a conversation starter content marketing is. There is always something new and exciting to discuss and share with others.”

– Chelsea Harrigan, Senior Client Strategist

Because content marketing has such a wide reach, more people are aware of it than they may think. If you ask a casual acquaintance what they think content marketing entails, they may not have a straight answer. But if you ask them about an interesting new ad campaign or thought-provoking content from certain companies, they’ll probably be much more likely to have something to say.

Constantly Evolving

“I love how content marketing is constantly evolving. It provides endless opportunities for entrepreneurs and brands to think outside the box.”

– Sara McPherson, Connections Campaign Manager

Content marketing is constantly evolving. We see that in the way brands are using new platforms to share their content and finding ways to provide quality content to the consumer. Whatever the next big trend is in social media or even technology in general, the content marketing industry can find a way to use it to its advantage.

This has been proven time and again through the use of new social media platforms. Brands have successfully moved fluidly from Facebook to Twitter to Instagram to Snapchat. Each platform has its own rules, and the content marketing industry quickly learns how to play by them.

Variety of Content Marketing

“I love the variety that content marketing has, from destination guides, to interactives, to IGs, to social media content, and more.”

– Darrell Moore, Client Strategist

Content marketing isn’t just blog posts anymore. There are so many types of media brands can use to reach the consumer, all digested in different ways, all with a specific purpose.

Want to quickly catch someone’s attention and teach them at the same time? Create an infographic. Want something people can play and have fun with? An interactive is for you. Want something immersive and in-depth that provides all the answers? Try a guide.

Opportunity to Learn

“I love how content marketing gives everyone an opportunity to learn.”

– Jessica McCormick, Editorial Campaign Manager

No matter which side of a content marketing campaign you’re on, the creator or the consumer, you have the opportunity to learn. You can learn why a product or service is better than another, the mission that motivates a brand, and intricacies of industries you wouldn’t otherwise taken the time to learn about. You can learn what moves people to act, what interests they have, what they love, and what they hate.

Creative Aspect

“I love the creative aspect of it. It’s refreshing to still see content that is original in a space where everything has been done before.”

– Jill Lenzo, Digital Media Project Manager

This is where innovation and creativity collide. To be successful, you need to try to do something no one else has seen before, or spin something common in a way people aren’t used to seeing it. Content marketing allows the freedom to explore those concepts. Getting to work every day in a field that lets you push the boundaries is something all of us at CopyPress are so lucky to do.

Show Their Talents

“I love that content marketing allows people to show their talents and share them with others.”

– Monica McGlothan, Community Manager

If you’re good at something, you can use content marketing to showcase that talent. This is especially true when it comes to using influencers in your content marketing campaign. A lot of those influencers are just ordinary people who have a passion or talent. They can build. They can write. They can cook. They can put together a stunning outfit. Through content marketing, suddenly the world can see them.

Versatility of Content Marketing

“I love the versatility of content marketing. No matter someone’s station in life, it gives you a way to reach them.”

– Caroline Morris, Copy Manager 

Technology has been the great connector. Through content marketing campaigns, your message can now reach beyond the local newspaper or magazine. Your message is spread throughout the world. It touches the people outside of your city, state, or country. It connects them to an idea, a product, or a service that they wouldn’t have always had the chance to see.

Valuable Tool

“I love that content marketing is a valuable tool to help companies reach their audience with aesthetic creativity.”

– Samantha Chrosniak, Client Strategist

Aesthetics is an important component to marketers. A beautifully designed website, a perfectly proportioned and illustrated infographic, a bright and engaging interactive, these are all tools content marketers use to grab the attention of consumers. The aesthetics draw them in and the great content keeps them there.

Influence and Reach

“I love the influence and reach of content marketing. People from all over the globe can experience your content and learn from it.”

­– Ekaterina Jimenez, Connections Content Manager

The influence content marketing has on people and markets is pretty astounding. It can change the way the so-called tides shift. One social media influencer who becomes a brand ambassador for a brand they believe in can open the door to new audiences for the brand and new information for their readers.

Social Psychology Within

“I love the social psychology within content marketing that elicits different behavior and actions.”

– Derek Miller, Outreach Manager

When it’s done right (and sometimes, wrong), content marketing can make people think and act in certain ways. It can make them consume in certain ways. It can change how they make decisions and how they decide what’s important. That’s pretty powerful stuff. Words and images are powerful.

About Quality

“I love that content marketing is all about quality.”

– Courtni Casanova, Community Content Manager

The emphasis content marketers are placing on quality is the best thing that’s happened in a long time. It’s a win-win. Brands get people to actually read and care about what they put out, and in turn the people get information that’s actually valuable to them. Brands are listening to the people. In turn, people are trusting the brands.

People want to see that what they say matters and they want brands to know they aren’t mindless consumers. They’re people with brains who think and care about things. The content marketing industry understands this and is helping brands take a turn in the right direction.

There are so many reasons CopyPress loves content marketing. We love the quality, the reach, the influence, the creativity, the innovation, and the freedom. This is an industry we couldn’t be more proud to work in. We come into work every single day knowing we work for and with people who care. What do you love about content marketing?

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