16 SEO FAQs We Still Struggle to Understand [Infographic]



July 24, 2017 (Updated: January 23, 2024)

It is true that getting a lot of visitors to your site is important, but it won’t do a business much good if they are not the right visitors. In order to get the right visitors, businesses need to find the right keywords to include on their site. 48% of people surveyed identified keyword research as one of the most effect SEO tactics.

A keyword, in the context of search engine optimisation, is a word, or more often a phrase, that will briefly describe the content of a web page as a whole. They form part of a web page’s meta data which is the element which helps a search engine to match up a web page with a search query entered by the web user. This is why it is vital for web builders to find the right keywords for their site. Otherwise, the search engines will be directing the wrong people to it.  

There are many tools online that businesses can use to help with this. However, most people tend to use Google’s Keyword planner, as this will actually provide the business with results that are from actual Google searches. It allows the business to find the right keywords to use based on historical statistics. You can see how a list of keywords might perform in a search engine, and compile a keyword list ready to use on your site.

Many people have chosen to abuse this form of SEO in an attempt to show up in more searches on search engines, this is done using tricks like keyword spamming or ‘invisible ink’. It is because of this that although keywords are still an important factor in SEO, their importance has been greatly reduced and there are other factors that search engines will take into consideration when ranking web pages.

In this infographic below by SEOJury, we explore 16 SEO FAQs that people still struggle to understand including how to find the right keywords for your campaign.

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