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Month: September 2011

The Amazon’s Kindle Fire: A Budget-Friendly Tablet Designed With Content in Mind

Yesterday Amazon announced the launch of the much-hyped Kindle Fire, a new color tablet priced at $199. Though the tablet lacks many of the Apple iPad’s capabilities, the budget-friendly tablet is good news for content developers: unlike the iPad, which aims to be a mini-computer in a tablet form, the Kindle Fire is designed

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Auto-Share vs. Overshare: Facebook’s New “Frictionless Sharing”

The Internet at large exploded over the announcement of Facebook’s impending changes, slated to appear at the end of the month. Reactions to Facebook’s news have ranged from “It’s gonna […]

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NASA’s Forgotten Satellite Hurtling Towards Earth: Yep, There’s a Metaphor Here

The sky is falling– or at least a NASA satellite is. NASA recently announced that its long-defunct satellite, the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS) is finally finishing its long journey […]

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Facebook is Changing Again. Here’s Why That’s Good News for Content Developers

The Facebook “Like” button has long been the lazy man’s way of approving something. What’s easier: finding yet another creative way to say “Congratulations” on a status update, or letting […]

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What Fox’s Promotion Strategy for “New Girl” Can Teach You About Promoting Your Content

In an effort to push its latest sitcom, New Girl, Fox launched a bold promotion strategy: the network released the pilot early on a variety of online platforms, including iTunes, Hulu, […]

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