6 Writing Lessons to Be Learned From Horror Classics

Pumpkin carving? Bah. Costumes? Meh. For me, the real thrill of Halloween is spending late nights with a stack of creepy books and horror movies. Give me a bowl of popcorn and a homicidal maniac and I’m a happy girl. Swarms of zombies? Alien invaders? Creepy kids who see dead people? I’ll take all three.

But the horror genre’s gotten a bad rap over the years, thanks to bad writing, bad lighting, and a string of six movies starring homicidal leprechauns. What these horror-snubbing snobs are missing, however, is that there’s a reason why there’s so much bad horror on the market: good horror is extremely hard to do.

Is Your Content Marketing Strategy a Hybrid? It Should Be!

A solid content strategy combines the best of three worlds: search engine optimization (SEO), public relations and marketing. Alone, each is a fundamental process for advancing a business’ brand awareness and market share. With the move to digital media, the three functions have become so interwoven that it’s nearly impossible for one to exist without the others. And it’s based almost exclusively on a quality content strategy.

Top 10 Social Networks for Internet Businesses

Internet business people need to network just as much as everyone else does. For a business or a brand to truly become an online and household name, at some point, you have to take responsibility for constructing a solid network. Aside from Facebook and Twitter, the...