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Month: November 2011

Internet Marketing News Weekly Recap: November 7 – 14, 2011

Find out what is brewing this week in the online marketing world. Get the latest news and the freshest updates about Internet marketing and more with this week’s round-up. Google […]

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Going Back to Basics: How A Small Town Roofing Company Brought Me Back To Marketing Reality

I pay attention to ads. I like recognizing which ads make me crave something, make me pause in my page-turning, make my mouth water or my fingers itch to grab my credit card. It’s like having a one-up on the advertising companies: Okay, Mr. Old Spice Man, you’re making me laugh and I feel a strange desire to give my boyfriend a bottle of Old Spice for Christmas, but don’t think I don’t know what games you’re playing here.

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Outsourcing Industry News Weekly Recap: November 3 – 10, 2011

The outsourcing industry is continuously growing, fueled by the increasing number of businesses practice efficiency and practicality. Be enlightened on the hottest issues and the latest scoop on trending topics […]

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How Online Content Keeps Us Connected to Our Troops

On our CopyPress blog we are always talking about how online content can attract and preserve attention, expand reach, establish trust and initiate action. But what we are really talking […]

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More About Hua’s Three Core Services

In this technology-driven world, the huge potential of the Internet is no longer limited to rants on blogs and hate pages on social networking sites. Nowadays, many companies are seeing […]

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Kick Your Content Strategy Up a Notch Using Curation

Content creation versus content curation: which is better? While content creation used to be the gold standard in journalism, new media has made it possible to create killer content through curation. Sometimes, content produced using a solid content curation strategy can actually be more informative than original creative.

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Internet Marketing News Weekly Recap: November 1 – 8, 2011

So, what’s in store for the Internet marketing community this week? New, trending topics just hot off the press are now available for everyone’s consumption. From new research findings to […]

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How to Build Links [Infographic]

Link building is a crucial part of your company’s internet marketing efforts. Search engines are getting more sophisticated everyday, and it’s becoming increasingly easy for them to determine a low-quality […]

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What Google’s Latest Algorithm Change Means for the Content Industry

Brace yourselves: Google’s gone and unleashed another algorithm change. According to Google, the latest update will affect 35% of search engines– meaning that the latest update is bigger than Panda (which affected just 12%).

While Panda was primarily quality-based, Google’s latest update is all about freshness. In homemade cookies and in web searches, Google argues that fresher is better. The fresher the results, the more relevant the search returns.

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Internet Marketing Industry News Weekly Recap: October 28 – November 4, 2011

What’s boiling this week? Well, it has been an action-packed week for the online marketing world as a range of new, hot and trending topics have come into picture. This […]

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