What is Hua Marketing?

A set of efficient marketing strategies is a perpetual requirement for all businesses. Thankfully, the Internet has made marketing a notch easier and more affordable. Since almost everyone turns to the Internet whenever they need something, marketers and business...

Day Eight: Great Guests-a-Posting Featuring Ann Smarty of MyBlogGuest

On this eighth day of marketing, we’re trading in those eight maids-a-milking for something far more useful for your website: some advice on how to get some great guests-a-posting for your blog. And who better to give guest blogging advice than MyBlogGuest’s own Ann Smarty?

Guest blogging is a win-win for both the host and the guest blogger. Your guest gets access to a brand new audience and platform to showcase their work. You get to offer your audience a fresh perspective and different voice– plus, you get a free day off from blogging (win).