Mobile Search in Your Backyard: An Infographic

People use their smartphones for everything. Using them locally to aid in purchase decisions is no different. Local search volume is growing exponentially at 50% each year, and 80% of people seeking a product or service research online before purchasing in a 10 to 20...

The Twelve Days of Marketing Sing-A-Long Video

For the past twelve days we have been writing about content strategy. Now it is finally time to sing about it.

Without further ado, we proudly bring to you the CopyPress Sing-a-Long Video for the “12 Days of Marketing” featuring the adorable talents of Dominick Synder, 3, and Dante Synder, 6.

Day Twelve: 12 Bloggers-Blogging

So it’s finally here – the 12th and final day of the CopyPress Twelve Days of Marketing. But before you go getting all filled up with post-countdown despair – cheer up. Today we finish out our series not with 12 Drummers-Drumming but with a gift that keeps on giving – 12 Bloggers-Blogging.