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Month: February 2012

Web Design 101: How Used Simple Design Practices to Rise Above the Pack

Shopko – a 50 year old general merchandise retailer – admits that when it came to eCommerce, they were late to the game. After launching “the little site that could” […]

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Shannon Wu-Lebron of Office Depot Shares Strategies That Propel eCommerce Success

IRWD 2012 proved to be a meeting of the minds for the top leaders of successful eCommerce-based businesses. Among them was Shannon Wu-Lebron, Director of eCommerce Searchandising at OfficeDepot.

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Hua’s IM Tips: Maximize Profits and Shine With Great Web Design

Your website can be considered as the online face of your business. Potential clients and stakeholders can easily judge and create impressions about your company just by simply looking at […]

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Dave and Dan: The Google Monster Loves Cookies

Last week Stanford Researcher, Jonathan Mayer, found that Google was working its way around Safari’s blockage of third-party cookies. The situation has struck up a pretty big debate with Google saying […]

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Hua’s IM Tips: You May Not Know You’re Needing Some Professional Social Seeding

Superb content quality alone is not enough to attract attention. What will make you stand out more is social seeding. With millions of people continuously updating themselves with information, issues, […]

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Internet Retailer Web Design and Usability Conference: Solving the eCommerce Enigma

“The best thing about eCommerce is that you can do anything; the worst is that you can do anything.”

With a one blunt observation, President of, Matt Butlein summed up the complicated nature of the eCommerce industry and the foundation for the Internet Retailer Web Design & Usability Conference held in Orlando, Florida last week.

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Hua’s IM Tips: Don’t Contribute to Online Pollution; Find a Proper Web Development Solution

Developing information for the Web is not as simple as you think; it involves rigorous steps in order to make a site competent. One has to consider a lot of […]

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Why Outsourcing Community Management is Almost Never a Good Idea

The debate over whether it is wise for a company to hand over the maintenance of their social media profiles and online communities to an external vendor/third party, has reached a critical mass.

The two schools of thought are firmly entrenched in their beliefs and often believe the people who have the opposing view have lost it.

There’s no love lost, mostly because each side is fighting for its own existence.

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Is Your Web Design Killing Your Conversion Rates?

Is your web design killing your conversion rates? Unless you’ve experimented with another design, how do you know? It’s simple: you don’t. The smallest changes can mean a world of difference […]

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Dave and Dan: Facebook Update

Facebook seems to be updating every week. Even with Timeline thoroughly in place for most of us, users still have complaints about the format change. Some people stand firmly behind […]

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