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Month: April 2012

Finding and Using Trending Content to Your Advantage Without Being an Obnoxious Brat

If we were in an elementary school setting right now, I’d ask the class, “Class, what’s the most important part of online marketing?” And then the class would collectively shout, “LIIIINKS!” Except for Little Jimmy, who would be in the back screaming or drawing on himself with magic marker.

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Dave and Dan: Project Glass

Project Glass is Google’s newest research and development program in the form of augmented reality eyewear. Similar to smartphone technology, Project Glass will present notifications about your online life and […]

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Taking Pride in Your Words: Creating Content that People Care About

The writing industry is entirely too hung up on words.

Word counts. Keywords. Wordsmiths. The attraction is a natural one– after all, words are our tools of the trade. Without them, we’d be nothing, right?


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CopyPress March Madness: The Ultimate Champion Is…

You’ve made your voices heard: we’re pleased to announce the first-ever winner of our CopyPress March Madness series is none other than… LISA BARONE! Barone started her road to victory […]

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