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Month: December 2012

The Twelve Days of Marketing [Video]

It’s hard to believe that the holidays are already upon us. Here at CopyPress we’re celebrating the season by bringing back the CopyPress “Twelve Days of Marketing” video that we […]

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WordPress Gets Even [Comic]

After the reactions we received from last week’s comic, we decided to keep an eye on our twitter feeds for another comic muse. Before we knew it, Michael Gray (@graywolf) […]

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Analyzing Content and Connections for Quality Control

At CopyPress, we are highly aware that high quality takes time, especially when it comes to connections. In the connections portion of the content life cycle we really focus on quality of […]

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Big Brands Using Pinterest to Promote Their Holiday Goods

Let’s be real, I need to get ready for the holidays ASAP. I’m a mom and wife who works full time so getting ready for the holidays is a crazy […]

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How to Usher in an Age of Enlightenment for Content

If you want true insights into a company’s culture and future direction, look no further than its internal training. A company’s education system, or lack thereof, indicates its cultural era: […]

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Capitalizing on Curation

For those of you who are hazy on content curation, it is basically the sharing of other people’s information and organizing it around particular themes or topics.  According to Steve […]

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Beef Up Your Brainstorming Meetings For Better Ideas

The best thing about brainstorming is that it gives you free range to be silly, spontaneous, and stupid all while attempting to be smart. Brainstorming Isn’t Just For Creatives One […]

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A Guide for Content Managers With New Clients

Content managers with new clients have a difficult task ahead of them: they must simultaneously produce excellent first articles while also getting to know the client well enough to craft […]

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Outreach: How to Follow Up with Bloggers

Finding and outreaching to targeted sites is sometimes half the battle. Once you’ve sent the initial pitch email to a blogger, it can then be a waiting game where you’re left wondering if he or she read your email. But how long do you wait for a blogger to respond?

The answer is typically 2 days. But this answer can vary depending on the time of year. For instance, since holidays—like Christmas—are right around the corner, many people take vacation from work. Therefore, if you receive an Out-of-Office automated reply when you email a blogger, you should wait to follow up until that blogger is back from holiday leave.

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Creating Content Honeypots to Convert Referral Traffic

Content in Sales Driving traffic is about making money. Unless you are running a CPM model, that traffic needs to be converted into money. A conversion can be a lot […]

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