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Day: December 17, 2012

A Guide for Content Managers With New Clients

Content managers with new clients have a difficult task ahead of them: they must simultaneously produce excellent first articles while also getting to know the client well enough to craft […]

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Outreach: How to Follow Up with Bloggers

Finding and outreaching to targeted sites is sometimes half the battle. Once you’ve sent the initial pitch email to a blogger, it can then be a waiting game where you’re left wondering if he or she read your email. But how long do you wait for a blogger to respond?

The answer is typically 2 days. But this answer can vary depending on the time of year. For instance, since holidays—like Christmas—are right around the corner, many people take vacation from work. Therefore, if you receive an Out-of-Office automated reply when you email a blogger, you should wait to follow up until that blogger is back from holiday leave.

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