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Day: April 2, 2013

7 Reasons Why eBooks Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Writing an eBook can seem daunting if you’ve never done one before. If you’re uncertain about whether it’s worth the effort, keep reading. No matter what your budget is or what […]

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Google’s Director of Privacy Resigns, it’s Lawrence You’s Problem Now

Bomb Disposal Technician, Brain Surgeon, Astronaut, PR Director for BP. These are all relatively stress-free jobs if you’re Alma Whitten, Google’s first Director of Privacy. For the past three years […]

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How to Post an Infographic: Set Yourself Up for Success

Getting online content to “go viral” is not an exact science. There is no special equation that when followed will work each and every time. There is a lot at […]

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2 Ways to Show How Your Business Blog Is Impacting Your SEO

87% of US B2B marketers used content marketing in 2012 and I can only assume that when the 2013 report comes out that number will have crossed the 90% line. […]

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