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Day: April 4, 2013

8 Metrics to Consider When Interpreting Data from Analytics

When looking over your data and analytics, it’s tempting to focus exclusively on the positive numbers. Where did we see an increase this month? What charts can we look at […]

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Companies Must Tell Customers What They Are Doing with their Data

Consumer transactions are no longer as simple as exchanging goods for cash. Even mom-and-pop shops are trying to harvest as much information as possible to bring back customers and target […]

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Guestpostocalypse: The Impending Doom of Terrible Marketing

On Facebook this week I saw one of my favorite industry people post this: It got me thinking about the “imminent death” of guest posting, and he is dead on. […]

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Reaching Out to Publishers on Twitter

Twitter has quickly become a newsletter for companies trying to keep their customers informed. Many Twitter pages of companies are riddled with the upcoming events or articles that have mentioned […]

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