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Day: April 25, 2013

Draw Something 2: Zynga Isn’t Doing Much Better than EA

When was the last time you drew something? No, I don’t mean the doodle you made while you were supposed to be paying attention to the conference call, I mean […]

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12 Questions To Ask Before On-boarding A New Content Client and Why

Before tying the knot with a new content client, you need to get a feel for their company, staff and industry. It takes two seconds to Google a company’s products […]

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Three Ways to Optimize Content and What It Means to You

As more and more content positions move online, more and more writers are beginning to realize the importance of optimization. Companies want content that is ready to go for an […]

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Spike Jones’ Rules of Engagement: How To Get an Audience to Spread the Word

Spike Jones is in the business of getting people to listen. And he’s in the right business. When he started talking at Social Fresh, I listened… and so did the […]

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