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Day: May 23, 2013

16 Questions to Ask Before Creating a Video

Your client or manager has just asked you to create a video, now what? Before you start jotting down ideas and picking up the camera, make sure you’ve answered these questions. They’ll […]

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The Glamorous Underlay Of Blogging

Blogging has transitioned from something housewives do while their husbands and children are gone into the new option for anyone interested in earning a few extra dollars or aiming to […]

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Links, Content, Animals, and Disinformation

Penguin 2.0 went “live” last night. I am seeing mixed reports from around the globe from “my family is going to starve” to “my family is going to use our […]

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Twitter Sets Up Two-Step Verification Three Months Late

Every week there’s a new story about a major Twitter account getting hacked. Our emotions don’t even register surprise or fear anymore when we hear about major corporations getting compromised […]

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