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Day: March 18, 2014

Good and Bad Examples of Hoax Marketing

In a world where brands can immediately rise to fame with a viral tweet, video, or image, marketing hoaxes are becoming increasingly popular forms of content. A well-planned hoax can […]

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Get Your Sales Team to Use Social Media

It’s really funny to me how underutilized social media is by sales teams. Despite the fact that both parties are outgoing and trying to generate as many leads as possible, […]

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The Best and Worst Social Networks for Blocking Offensive Content

If someone calls you a super flagger, don’t be offended. It’s possible that YouTube just gave you permission to flag 20 videos a day that violate their community guidelines. Google […]

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Steering Through the Social Media Storm: Turning Engagement into Conversions

It’s okay to pat yourself on the back; you’re killing it in the social media marketing game. You’ve studied your audience, chosen the right social platforms, and curated a highly […]

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