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Month: April 2016

6 Reasons Influencer Marketing is Beneficial

2016 will be known as the beginning of the rise of influencer marketing. In a world where everyone is a minor celebrity through Twitter, YouTube, and blogging, anyone can use […]

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Making Complex Data Simple with Infographics

Sharing complex data in an engaging way is a tall order for many marketers and content creators. Rather than relying on text-based descriptions alone, incorporate visual effects into your content. […]

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5 Tips for Incorporating Infographics Into Your Marketing Strategy

As infographics increase in popularity, we’re receiving more requests about how clients can add them to other marketing channels. By the end of the consultation, the client usually has a […]

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The State of Content Marketing Survey 2016 is Open

CopyPress would like to announce the launch of our State of Content Marketing Survey 2016. This professional study encompasses content creators, media and agency professionals, and in-house marketing professionals or […]

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40 Headlines: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Writing catchy, effective headlines takes work. In fact, you might spend almost as much time coming up with the headline for an article or blog post as it takes to […]

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How to Create Better Headlines

If you think creating a great headline isn’t worth your time, think again. Not only is the headline the first thing your reader sees, it’s also your best chance at […]

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The Evolution of Infographics

The History of Infographics

Infographics are beloved by content marketers and Internet users alike. In fact, infographics saw the biggest increase in marketing budgets from 2015 to 2016 because they’re three times more likely […]

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8 Ways to Enhance Your Blog Content

When you create an engaging blog, you gain a valuable outlet for building your brand. Without taking deliberate steps to optimize your website for traffic and conversions, however, your blog might […]

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Digital Media Pick of the Month: “NYC Stadiums”

CopyPress’s digital media pick of the month is the “NYC Stadiums” interactive infographic. When choosing between which digital media asset you should create, “Why Interactive Infographics?” can guide you in […]

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