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Month: April 2017

3 Things Freelancers Need to Know about Your Audience

Think of the books, music, movies, television programs, or even political speeches that have resonated with you. They connected with you on an almost (or maybe completely) emotional level. They […]

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Choosing an Infographic Style: Timelines

Infographics offer a powerful medium for sharing detailed information with your readers, giving viewers a sleek visual that’s far more intuitive than a lengthy article. The most important part of […]

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Do You Maintain Your Evergreen Content?

You’ve heard of evergreen content. The topics don’t change and are always relevant in some way, which means you don’t have to update it, right? Not necessarily. Though evergreen content […]

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Deciding Which Type of Video is Best for Your Business

We know that video content is important. The proof is in the pudding.  However, not all video is created equal for every purpose. Taking the time to consider the type […]

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WhitePaper Release: Growing and Sculpting Your Link Portfolio

Few topics are as hotly debated in the content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) circles as linking and link building. Some people believe that any attempt to manipulate search […]

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2017 Digital Marketing Statistics

Man with bar graph on computer

We all know it’s important to get your facts straight, so CopyPress is here to provide you with a list of great statistics for your reading pleasure. We’ll look at […]

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6 Sites for Promoting Your Business

When most people need help finding a store with good bargains, a fun way to spend a day, or a good restaurant, they use their smartphones to get the latest […]

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6 Unappealing Content Marketing Practices

Content marketing is a sticky area that has a variety of different content marketing practices to choose from. Search engine algorithms change so fast that the very tactics that were boosting […]

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Under the Radar — Why Spellcheckers Sometimes Aren’t Enough

When’s the last time you dialed a phone number from memory? If you have a newer car, when’s the last time you actually used a key to unlock the door? […]

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How to Use SEO to Boost Traffic For Your Niche Business

Just about everyone knows the importance of SEO. Each industry has its own triumphs and its own hurdles with increasing traffic to websites, but for a niche industry with generally […]

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