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Month: June 2017

So Your Prospective Client Chose Your Competitor

Most content companies have been there. You have a prospective client in the market for great content marketing. You carefully craft a pitch. You knock the presentation out of the […]

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7 Things a Freelancer Wonders about a Project

Freelancer working on a laptop

When you hire a content creator, you have questions about the process. It’s only natural. The same is true of freelancers that you hire. The person on the other end […]

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Don’t Be a B-Word (We Mean Boring)

woman bored at her laptop

Your website can be informative and easy to navigate. You might have put countless hours into making sure it is both functional and useful to your audience. But if your […]

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The Relationship between Rhetoric and Content

man typing on computer

Rhetoric. It’s a word you may not have heard much since your college days, and yet, it permeates everything around you, even if you don’t realize it. Maybe we avoid […]

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How to Set Your Content Marketing Priorities

If you’re new to the content marketing arena and are just getting in the game, you have probably noticed just how large and probably intimidating the industry is. There are […]

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6 Google Adwords Features to Improve Your SEO

tablet with google adwords report

Google AdWords is a powerful tool that helps you tap into Google’s massive search audience and reach the viewers who are most relevant to your products and services. Google offers […]

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What Kind of Copywriting Appeals to Millennials?

woman taking a mobile picture of another woman at a restaurant

There’s no denying that Millennials, or Generation Y, are the prime market at the moment. With a range that still accepts current teenagers but also extends to folks in their early […]

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How Customer Service Affects Your Marketing

People meeting discussing customers

For many brands, marketing strategy largely centers on branded content, influencer outreach, and search engine optimization. As effective as these methods might be, they don’t account for the impact that […]

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7 Ways to Create Content without a Blog

As companies grow, attracting and keeping customers is crucial. The biggest way to that is to create content. However, a company can’t put up anything and think it will stick. […]

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7 Call to Action Tips You Have to Try

Everyone (we hope) knows how important it is to use calls to action in your content, whether that content is an email or a blog post. You want your readers […]

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