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Month: September 2017

DIY or Hire?: When To Ask For Help and When To Get Creative

DIY metal letters

With the move from paper and physical marketing to the domination of web-based campaigns, businesses are able, now more than ever, to take control over their own marketing strategies. Websites […]

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Utilizing Social Media Live Videos

film reel of social media icons

Marketing has changed more in the past 20 years than in the past 200. First it was the internet, introducing email, blogs, and websites as entirely new places to direct […]

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How to Attract Great Freelancers to Work for You

close up view of a laptop

In the past, companies would seek to hire career professionals for the long-term when upgrading or expanding their capabilities to meet demand. The modern workforce, however, has shifted away from […]

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Video Marketing: Should I add Subtitles to Facebook Videos?

Facebook logo and play button

Social media content is extremely effective at advertising, brand awareness, and even customer service, among other uses. Chief among the many social media content strategies is Facebook videos. However, making […]

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WhitePaper Release: Why Should Your e-Commerce Site be Optimized?

e-commerce optimized website

The word optimization means many things to many developers. Lead generation websites optimize their websites to collect email addresses, while bloggers optimize their user experiences to get ad clicks or […]

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How to Use Content to Build Email Lists

email symbols

Email addresses are precious. Those who share their address with others often do so, if not grudgingly, then knowing full well what they’re getting themselves into. Consumers are spammed with […]

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What’s the Present and Future Value of Interactive Content?

Marketing effectively is a constant struggle. You need to sell products and services in a way that connects with consumers, but these potential clients are savvier than ever. Many years […]

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6 Marketing Conferences Worth Attending in 2017

Marketing is all about connecting. You connect with ideas, people, and brands. Much of the time, you can make those connections through great content creation, interacting via social media, phone […]

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Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore Video

Video killed the radio star, and now it’s demolishing text and even photo messages on social media. Since 2012, marketers have noticed the surge in interest in video among internet […]

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How to Use Infographic Quizzes

It’s exciting to live in a time when technology is constantly evolving and the world is following steadily alongside. You’re likely old enough to have seen plenty of evolution in […]

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