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Month: November 2017

Understanding Featured Snippets

While good SEO typically follows a clear path of creating useful content and setting up responsible linking strategies, there are a few tricks available for brands who want to get […]

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8 Steps to Build a Podcast for Your Business


Blog posts, videos, infographics, and now podcasts: Is there any form of content that can’t be used for business? A business podcast that your brand or company creates and produces […]

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E-Commerce Content Marketing Tips

Light Bulb

Content marketing can serve many types of online businesses, and e-commerce is no exception. Anyone selling products or services online from their website can gain more visitors, customers, and buzz […]

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Common Influencer Marketing Mistakes

People Talking

Since influencer marketing first made waves in 2015, it’s been one of the most popular social marketing methods for big and small brands alike. Whether you’ve already run a few […]

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The 6 Essential Things Your Product Copy Lacks

I’m trying to sell you a pair of running shoes. I could tell you about the great synthetic rubber of the soles, the arch support, or the aerodynamic design with […]

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5 Reasons Bad Websites Get High SEO Results

Hexagon Shapes

If you’ve been studying SEO metrics for a while, you probably understand trust flow and the value of being considered a trustworthy website by Google. However, you may have noticed […]

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Social Media Statistics


Social media marketing has only sped up and grown in power over the years, and there’s no sign of it stopping. If your business is going to have any success […]

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Content Marketing AI Tools


Artificial intelligence is no longer relegated to science fiction movies and the fears of conspiracy theorists. AI development has made its way into a wide variety of industries, from the […]

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Hits versus Shares: Why Only Using A Business Website May Not Be Enough

Social media icons

Online presence. This term has become one of the cornerstones of modern marketing. While there’s certainly still value to print and other forms of advertisement, the internet has quickly become […]

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Digital Marketing: A Look Into 2018

Picture of Beach

The face of digital marketing is continually changing and evolving. Today’s shoppers are more savvy than ever, with a keen eye for blatant advertising efforts and little patience for lengthy […]

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