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Month: January 2018

Is Content Still King?

Checkers King

The content marketing industry has matured over the past decade, from the development of short articles stuffed with links to the creation of live video and AI-developed articles. Some marketers […]

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9 Things to Look for in Content Marketing in 2018

Girl Jumping to 2018

Welcome to another year! Everyone is back from vacation, and ready to tackle the content marketing world in 2018. There are many changes happening, with content marketing and here you’ll […]

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5 Tips for Social Media Graphics

Modern business owners know that social media is too lucrative of a territory to pass up, but most who try to promote and market on social networks get lost in […]

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What Makes Listicles So Effective?

Long-form content is becoming less and less common thanks to the emergence of the listicle. Believe it or not, this form of writing that combines list and article format has […]

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How to Use Instagram for Content Marketing Campaigns

Instagram App

Content marketers have mastered the art of promoting their brands on Facebook and Twitter, but some are still confused by Instagram. This highly-visual social network tends to attract younger audiences […]

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Why Adding Graphics to Your Content Is Important


Well-written text is crucial for your content marketing strategy, but you may be surprised to find that graphics are just as important as the words that go with them. Grabbing […]

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Content Marketing Tools You Must Have


Marketers often start their content marketing campaigns with Google spreadsheets and a WordPress platform, managing most of the optimizations and scheduling on their own. While this is great for understanding […]

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8 College Majors That Make You a Great Content Writer

Some people know what they’ve wanted to do with their lives since they were young, but for others, the choice isn’t so obvious. To exacerbate the problem, you’re taxed with […]

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Speak the Lingo: Defining Inbound Marketing Acronyms

In the world of inbound marketing, acronyms are used to not only abbreviate lengthy terms, but also to create a mnemonic system to help marketers and customers remember important aspects […]

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SEO Tips for Bing Search Engine

Bing Logo

We hear a lot about Google analytics, algorithms, and charmingly-named updates like Hummingbird, Penguin, and Panda. However, Google is far from being the only player in the search engine landscape. […]

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