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Month: August 2018

How to Overcome Facebook’s 2018 Algorithm Update

Overcome Facebook's 2018 algorithm update with these tips

With 2.23 billion monthly active users, Facebook is undoubtedly a marketing goldmine. However, with all the changes it has undergone lately, businesses and marketers are finding it increasingly difficult to […]

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Freelancing Spotlight | Q&A with Jessica Everitt – Freelance Writer and Coach

Learn more about Jessica Everitt in our freelance spotlight.

In our second Freelancing Spotlight column, we interviewed Jessica Everitt whom I met in the Writing Revolters Facebook Group. New to the freelancing space, she has some incredible insight for […]

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The Importance of Title Tags

Person Looking at Computer Screen

Title tags are a relatively small side of content marketing and SEO, but they have an echoing effect on many parts of your website visibility. If you’re not clear on […]

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Ready to Give Up Content Marketing? Read This First

Are you frustrated with content marketing?

As with anything in the business world, content marketing has a minority of success stories. If the content marketing game has proven frustrating and become a net loss to your […]

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Sentence Variety and What It Means to Your Copy


Sentence variety is one of the more technical aspects of writing good content. It relates to the length, composition, sound, and effect of each sentence within a piece of copy. […]

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Find Your Voice: The Importance of Voice and Tone in Content

Voice and tone is important aspects of successful content.

Many of us can recognize an Old Spice commercial within a few seconds. The body care brand has established a distinctive voice and tone that applies to everything from its […]

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How to Get More Out of Your SEO Strategies

Computer, Laptop and Phone

From social media-supported content marketing campaigns to organic website visits, SEO is the system that irrigates each of your business’s traffic-based online goals. Sadly, SEO is such a popular topic, […]

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How to Be More Consistent With Your Content Marketing


If you’re chasing after the perfect blog post or e-book to get you ten thousand email subscribers, we recommend changing your expectations to something more long-term, based on posting frequent […]

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Ban Boring Content: How to Increase Engagement Using Multimedia Content

Increase engagement by banning boring content

The average American spends 24 hours a week online, according to a recent study by USC Annenberg. That means most of us currently spend approximately 1/7 of our life surfing […]

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What Is Ephemeral Content?

Discover what ephemeral content is and how to use it properly.

Ephemeral content is currently one of the biggest content marketing buzzwords. In a world where most marketing efforts are focused on creating content that can generate engagement for a long […]

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