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Month: September 2018

SEO for Bing: A Beginner’s Guide

Learn SEO for Bing to improve your campaigns.

With the vast majority of the world’s digital marketing efforts directed at improving rankings on that king of all search engines, “search engine optimization” may as well be called “Google […]

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What You Need to Know About the Hierarchy of Needs in Your Content Marketing Efforts

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs in your content marketing

Imagine having a magic tool in your hands that can help you direct your marketing communications in a way that speaks to your customers’ needs and inspires their confidence in […]

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Active vs. Passive Voice

Know the difference between active vs. passive voice

In content marketing, you can’t approach your audience with reservations. If you’re uncertain or lacking confidence in your product, business, or marketing, that sentiment can show in a number of […]

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Using Social Media to Reach a B2B Market

Learn how social media can target your B2B target market.

Reaching a business to business (B2B) market requires a distinct marketing approach with strategies and considerations that differ from those efforts for a business to consumer (B2C) market. Many businesses […]

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What Is Relationship Marketing?

Relationship Marketing

In the flurry of different ways to market and promote your business, you may have heard the term “relationship marketing.” Described in one sentence, relationship marketing is about connecting with […]

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5 Creative Ways to Utilize Social Media Live Video

Creative ways for social media live video

Live video streaming hasn’t been around very long, but it’s already hard to imagine social media without it. Gamers stream their video game sessions on Twitch, celebrities make announcements on […]

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Your Guide to Lifecycle Marketing

Lifecycle marketing guide

For years, marketers chased the customer purchase as the end-game in the sales process. As long as a customer made a purchase, the marketing team did its job and could […]

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6 Tips for a High-Performing Live Video Broadcast

Live Video Content Tips

Live video, also known as livestreaming, is the act of broadcasting live over the internet to viewers who tune in and watch in real time from a hosting website. Live […]

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How to Make Your Infographics Mobile Friendly

Learn how to make your infographics mobile friendly

Mobile has become a wildly thriving source of traffic over the past few years, and naturally, everyone is trying to optimize everything from websites to blog content for mobile devices […]

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How and Why to Add Variety to Your Content Marketing Strategy

Learn how to diversify your content marketing strategy.

When people think about content, they tend to focus on the copy. Website and social media copy is easy to create, doesn’t cost a lot, and follows a tried-and-true method […]

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