3 Days.

That is how long you have left to become an early adopter and help shape what CopyPress’ software will become.

Over the next 4 months, CopyPress will be bringing the software that has run our system behind the scenes to the forefront, and allowing users to utilize it to take their content marketing to the next level.

What will be available in this software and why should you care?

This is the features list for our FREE version of the software that we will be asking our invitees to beta test.

Our focus was on creating a FREE product that exceeded even paid software standards.

I think we did that and more.

We will roll out the software in segments in the private beta to allow us to maximize user feedback and get our training process firmly laid out.

Content will be released on week of 12/2/2013

  • Audit your websites’ content and grade it against the competition.
  • You will also be able to manage your orders in our marketplace (for copy, video, & infographics).

  • You will be able to search Twitter, find interesting URLs from around the web, and flesh ideas out of those topics using our proven psychological approach to shareable content.
  • You can then take those ideas and add them to an editorial calendar; assigning them to either internal creatives or our marketplace.
  • Your team can then use our system to upload, create, or push content to your site.

Connections will be released on 12/16/2013

  • Audit the domains and connections to your site, and compare them to your competition.
  • Monitor your connection campaigns in our marketplace, or in your internal workflow.

Use our discovery tool to see what domains link to your competition that don’t link to you actively, making it easy to find places to reach out to.

  • Lastly we give you full outreach capabilities that include:
    • The top 1 million content-driven domains according to traffic signals pulled from Alexa and Compete, along with data for these domains.
      • SEO Metrics
      • Categorization
      • Contact Information
      • Type of Website
    • Ability to contact these domains from within the system and take notes, streamlining the outreach process
    • POP integration with Gmail for easy cross platform outreach.

Curation will be released on 1/6/2014

  • Social grading and counts for major networks for your URLs and the URLs of your competition.
  • Historical graphing of the viral growth of content.

Conversion will be released on 1/20/2014

  • A tool that we call the “Honeypot” that allows you to upload ebooks and creative to create pop-overs to harvest emails and data on your website, gaining passive conversion from your content marketing traffic.
  • The tool handles all Javascript creation, and integrates your mailing list with MailChimp.

Our Dashboard will be released on 2/1/2014

The idea here is that the dashboard will be fueled by feedback from users. We don’t want to tell you what data you should look at, we want to hear from you.

Benefits of Being a Beta User

Undoubtedly the early versions of the software won’t be as good as later versions, so why even jump in early and adopt the platform? Here are some good reasons:

  1. We are going to keep this platform invite-only for a while. The first group of users will each be given 12 invitations over time to hand out to whomever they want.
  2. From those 12 users, beta users will receive a free month of our PRO version for every PRO signup the refer (can you imagine all the features that will have if the above version is free?)
  3.  You will get to call the shots on features. We are a company that loves its customers. We plan on allowing the community to have a say in our development schedule and roadmap.
  4. Getting early access to a game-changing platform before your competition. Competitive edges are few and far between, grab one.
  5. Help us hit our goal of donating $10,000 to breast cancer awareness; we are only about 50% of the way there.

To sign up for free beta access to our software, click the banner below or visit our CopyPress homepage before it’s too late.