3 Ways To Build Authority by Going Beyond Link Building

Lauren Oliver


March 24, 2023 (Updated: January 24, 2024)

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Are you building brand authority with your content marketing? Authoritative content is key to positioning your brand as a thought leader and expert in your niche. And if you want to improve your authority, you’ll need to plan an approach that gains your audience’s trust and keeps your business at the front of their minds.

Watch the recap of last week’s webinar to get the full details on how to build authority beyond link building.

What Makes Brand Authority So Important?

By consistently developing authority in your business industry, you can build more trust with your target audience, improve customer loyalty, and boost brand awareness. With content authority, you’re positioning your brand as the expert on your topics and in your niche.

This is extremely important for maintaining a powerful presence and reputation in your market. Building authority like this is also critical if you want to showcase how your business is unique from the competition.

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With the growing use of AI tools like ChatGPT, it’s more important than ever to make sure your content is authoritative and accurate. So how do you do this?

There are several ways you can improve your brand authority, and you’ll want to look closely at different types of authority, including:

  • Brand authority
  • Content authority
  • Website authority

Once you understand how to leverage your business’s expertise, you can develop strategies that further improve each of these authority areas. Consider these steps alongside your backlink strategies to build better authority:

1. Develop High-Quality Content

The thing to remember about content generation tools like ChatGPT is that they can’t think or create. These tools are almost like fancy parrots that repeat the words and phrases you teach them. And the way to counter AI-generated content is to establish authority with yours. By creating original, high-quality human content, following Google’s quality rater guidelines will be that much easier.

2. Create High-Quality Authorship

Go beyond publishing under just your brand name and include the authors and subject matter experts who contribute to your content. Create detailed author bios or host a separate contributor page with info on your creative team. SMEs are also valuable team players here. Run content by your SMEs to fact-check, review nuanced language, and add more clarity and value.

Your brand and authority can take a hit if your article references outdated practices, technology that’s out of favor, or “sounds good on paper” but doesn’t reflect the reality that your target audience will actually experience.

If you’re writing about small business VOIPs, then you should have qualified, vetted authors who know about the industry and technology. Have them add links to their profiles or social pages to promote their contributions — this is important, since it proves the quality of your authorship.

“A lot of you used to look to me “back in the day” as the Authorship Guy. Probably more deeply than anyone else I followed Google’s Authorship program, an early attempt to identify authors and associate them with their content. That stopped in 2014.

But I don’t believe Google ever let go of the idea of the value of knowing reputable and authoritative writers connected with content, especially for more critical search topics.”

Mark Traphagen, VP of Product Marketing & Training at SEO Clarity

3. Start Branding Your Content

Step outside of your general keyword research and look at the performance of your branded terms. It might surprise you to see just how successfully branded keywords perform compared to non-branded terms. Plus, this adds to the recognition you build around your business within your niche.

Building authority in your niche is critical to gaining your audience’s trust and positioning your brand as an expert. But it goes beyond just generating quality backlinks.

And during last week’s webinar, our VP of Partner Development, Sabrina Hipps, and Director of Content Analysis, Jeremy Rivera, shared their insights on how you can use these approaches to improve your overall authority. By leveraging additional strategies that go beyond link building, you’ll have a stronger, more successful content plan for your brand.

Build Better Brand Authority Through Content Marketing

 Your brand and authority can take a hit if your article references outdated practices, technology that's out of favor, or "sounds good on paper" but doesn't reflect the reality that your target audience will actually experience.

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