A few months ago, Jessica posted an excellent article about how to leverage blogger relationships in order to move beyond the “one night stand” guest post. While there’s nothing inherently wrong in the occasional one-time posting relationship, it’s much more beneficial to build long-lasting relationships that result in the connector being made a frequent contributor. Here are four ways that being a contributor is better than being a just a guest poster.

1. It Builds A Stronger Relationship

Being made a contributor is much more than scoring the occasional post or two from an established relationship. Being a contributor is acceptance. The blogger has reviewed your work and trusts you enough to regularly post great content without giving it a second thought. In some situations, the blogger will even grant you publishing rights to his her own blog. There’s nothing better than having a go-to contact that will genuinely want to work with you to edit and publish your article. That’s every connector’s dream.

2. There’s More Flexibility

One of the hardest parts about being a connector is wording your pitch in such a way that will peak the blogger’s interest. In many cases, the connector will try to target the widest range of blogs possible in order to yield the highest rate of responses and potential placements for an article. Unfortunately, this can result in “safe” content that is just interesting enough to gain a positive response. This is not the case with contributors.

Since contributors have earned that trust from one another, the connector can pitch bolder or more specialized content that he or she might have been reluctant to pitch out as a one-off guest post. Taking risks can often lead to the best and most interesting content, and having a blogger who is willing to give you the benefit of doubt can help to take some of the pressure off when trying new things.

3. You Have More Credibility

It’s no secret that the term “guest poster” has become somewhat of a scourge in the blogger community. With Google’s major Panda and Penguin 2.0 updates, it seems like every connector and his or her grandmother has tried to shoehorn backlinks into high page-ranking sites strictly for SEO purposes. Poor content, spammy links and horrible pitches have been met with backlash by bloggers who have grown frustrated by those looking to take advantage of them.

It not only benefits you as a connector to distance yourself from the horde of guest posting trolls, but also gives you better credibility when you’re able to write “contributor for XYZ” in future pitches. Anyone can publish a guest post, but contributing members are rarer.

4. It Leads to Better Networking

Regularly contributing great content to a blog will put you on peoples’ radars. As readers of the site get to know you and your style, your social reputation will grow. Retweets, likes, and comments keep your content in the public eye and can often lead to new opportunities. If you play your cards right, other bloggers will pitch to you to publish on their blog. Now that’s truly something special!