4 Reasons Why It Is Time to Outsource Your Content Marketing



January 12, 2017 (Updated: May 4, 2023)

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Whether you are an agency, small business, or large business, there is always a need for content marketing. A few years ago when content marketing was just up and coming, the thing to do was to hire an in-house team of writers and creatives to handle the needs. As time progresses and the content marketing industry evolves, companies are hitting a crossroad where they may not want an in-house team anymore and are considering outsourcing these needs.

If you are contemplating this exact situation but aren’t sold yet, keep reading. I am going to walk us through the different reasons why the time is now to go ahead and outsource your content marketing needs. Some of these situations may align closer to your needs, and others you may not have realized until now, but they all point you towards the same solution. Hey, it may even help you finally convince the higher ups to move away from the commitment of keeping the in-house team.

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Growing Pains

If you’ve recently incorporated content marketing into your business model, or are rapidly increasing your customer base, you are most likely hitting some sort of growing pains. There are two situations you could be facing. One being that you don’t have the capacity on your team to handle the volume, and two being that you don’t have the resources and skills needed to tackle the growth efficiently. Either way, there are pros to switching to a content provider.

Content providers have the ability to scale up quickly, but also the flexibility to scale down as needed! At CopyPress, we have an extensive depth in our community of available writers at your fingertips. This is beneficial if your need is to expand your offerings now, but are lacking the ability to do so now. Using a content provider that has a large pool of writers readily available avoids the time it would take to have to go out and recruit specialty freelance writers on your own. Even then, how do you know if they are credible? Content providers put certifications in place to weed through the inventory of writers to find the perfect candidate to fill your needs, saving you a lot of time and headaches.


Do you ever feel like a broken record, continuously following up on your writer’s assignments and deadlines in order to make sure your own deadlines are hit? If so, this is another reason why you could benefit from a content provider, who would be there to take all of that responsibility off your shoulders.

Whether you are using your own freelancers or your in-house team, the excuses are always the same., if they even respond! A content provider manages all communication with the writers and creatives so that burden of wondering if you will be able to publish that weekly or daily blog post is not a concern anymore, and you can focus on your higher priority tasks.

Burnt Out Ideas

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There comes a point where a small team of writers working on the same clients work for a long period of time will become burnt out and struggle  to come up with new and fresh ideas. Hold as many brainstorming meetings as you would like, but all the topics end up sounding similar to the ones you have written about many times before. In this case, the benefit of outsourcing your content is to have the ability to pick the brains of hundreds of different writers.

Typically at CopyPress, we hand select a group of writers that best fits your campaign and use ongoing in order to keep the voice and tone consistent. If a campaign has been running for a good amount of time and in need of some new spark, we will begin to slowly switch in new writers every so often, just to keep the topics fresh and get additional minds in the mix. It’s a great way to get viewpoints from all over the world as well.

Distribution Limitations

So you have stuck it out with the in-house team and they actually hit the deadlines and needs for the campaign. Then what? They may have a few relationships with a handful of blogs, but they surely don’t have the time to do any new outreach if they have other writing needs in the pipeline. This is where we meet our next benefit in outsourcing all of the content marketing needs.

Writing and distribution go hand in hand. Often times, the content writing is done for a specific purpose, as it should be. There is a plan on where and how this is going to be promoted. What sense does it make to create the content in-house, and then offer that content to an outreach provider that will then have to go and find a fit for it? Instead it should be created to custom fit wherever it is going to be distributed to, right? Having a content provider that does both of those things will help get the content the visibility it was made for, and much more quickly as well.


The main point of this article is in the following two words; time saver. Stop wasting  valuable hours on tedious tasks that can be easily outsourced for a fair rate with high quality and scalability options. Content providers have all the tools needed to create intriguing ideas, execute production (including editing, QA,  full project management, and reporting), and distribute for promotion and visibility – all in one!

Hopefully I listed out some of the challenges you are currently facing, either within your in-house team of creatives, or your handful of managed freelancers. It is no secret that companies have hesitations with outsourcing work, because how do you know for certain that you are going to get what you need in return? I hope I stressed the many benefits of outsourcing your content marketing needs, and not as an advocate solely for CopyPress either.

There are many great agencies out there that could be that perfect fit to your specific needs. Overall, content providers all have the same goal in mind. That is to make your life easier by providing you with high quality content while using the simplest processes, so that you can focus your efforts on your company’s overall marketing success.

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