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5 Ways To Get a More Targeted Email Subscriber List


Published: October 13, 2021 (Updated: December 20, 2022)

Your email subscribers list can make or break the success of your email marketing campaign. You can have the best copy, engaging calls-to-action (CTAs), and eye-catching graphics, but if they’re not appearing in the right inboxes, they’re not doing their job. Getting a good, targeted list of subscribers takes persuasion to get the right people to join your community and receive your mailers.

Sending good content can keep readers around, but how can you get them on your list in the first place? We have five tips to help you draw the right subscribers to get the most effective and targeted email list.

5 Ways To Find and Keep Your Target Email Subscribers

Use these tips to collect the best email subscribers for your brand and how to keep them on your list after their initial registration:

1. Make Your List Opt-in

Have you ever purchased something from an online store, or signed up for another service with your email address, and then started receiving marketing materials from the company, seemingly without your consent? We call this an opt-out email subscription list. This is a popular option for companies that want to collect as many email addresses as possible. The “contact you now, ask for forgiveness later” approach puts the responsibility of the subscriber to opt-out of receiving communications manually.

This tactic is helpful for a “build-your-subscriber-list-quick” scheme, but it may not help get your content and newsletters in front of the right audience. Instead, try using opt-in email lists. These types of subscriber lists encourage the reader to make the first move and consent to receiving your messages. Unlike soliciting every email collected on your side, you can segment addresses into those who asked to receive your email communications and those who didn’t. There are many ways you can create an opt-in list, including using CTA forms and adding check boxes under fields where people submit their email addresses.

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2. Use Content Marketing and Engagement Tools

Use your other content marketing outlets to get the right people on your email list. If someone is coming to your blog posts or following your social media, or reading your articles across syndicated platforms, they like what you have to say. They’re interested in your industry and your company’s take on the issues. Content channels are good places to capture people interested in your emails, especially if they enjoy getting updates and personalized content delivered right to their inbox.

Use engagement tools like pop-ups, in-line sign-up forms, and CTA buttons. Adding them to your content gives readers the choice to opt-in to emails while they’re already enjoying a piece of content. For example, do you get CopyPress’s weekly newsletter in your inbox yet?

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3. Offer Incentives To Existing Customers

If you choose an opt-in email list, you may not be capturing every person who visits your site. But there may be more visitors or customers out there that are suitable targets for your email list. One way to encourage the right people to get on the list is to offer incentives for existing customers if they opt-in. You can personalize the incentives to the target audience.

For example, some may respond to a download for exclusive free content. Others may choose to opt-in for a discount coupon. You can advertise these existing customer incentives through social media posts, by including them on digital receipts, or adding them within the content you publish online.

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4. Stay Consistent, Not Intrusive

Once you’ve got the right readers on your list, you want to keep them subscribed. You can do this by providing consistent, valuable emails. But there’s a line between a consistent schedule and flooding someone’s inbox. According to Keap, people may unsubscribe from a list because they receive too many emails too often from the same sender. The company recommends sending email newsletters or content to subscribers weekly or bimonthly, depending on your content volume. This schedule can help keep you relevant without bombarding your readers.

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5. Create Better Content

Though it may sound simple, if you want to attract the right audience to your subscribers’ list, then produce better content. By “better” we mean to give the audience what they want. What topics interest them most? What questions do they have or problems you can help them solve? You don’t have to sit in isolation and answer these questions yourself. Ask your audience. Create surveys or polls to get their input about the type of email content you create and what they want to see.

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Do you need help to create the best content for your subscribers? Contact CopyPress to see how we can get started crafting your email marketing content plan today!


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