Creating quality content for your blog shouldn’t be impossible, especially with all the great advice out there on what to blog about. However, everyday I see company blogs failing miserably at blogging. Here are five ways I see companies failing.

1. There is a Sale! End of Story…

I think blogging about sales or specials can be a great thing, but when you just say, “Woohoo! We have a sale!” and that is it you are missing out on opportunities to really pull your audience in.

If you have a sale include this information:

  • When does the sale end?
  • What does one have to do to qualify for the sale? (eliminate making enemies by having people show up and not qualify for a sale)
  • Why is this sale so important? Does it only happen once a year? Create urgency and the feeling of a potential loss if people do not participate.
  • Is this sale available online? What are the promo/discount codes they need to use?
  • Who is this sale good for?
  • What are the advantages of taking the time to not miss this sale?

2. Only Blog Posts About Company News: Your Audience Doesn’t Care

Anyone that is in business understands that company news is exciting to the business itself, but your targeted audiences need to be given information that is important to them.

You must meet the needs of your readers and talking about a new machine, an award, a new hire or a new computer system does nothing for those that you are hoping will invest in your products and/or services.

3. None of the Articles Are Helpful to the Buyer.

Your blog, again, needs to meet the needs of the reader/researcher. If people are interested in investing in a service or product similar to yours they are most likely researching what they need to know, what they need to avoid and they are doing some competitive analysis. Give them the information they need and want.

I have seen many blogs that have articles about “something,” but they often totally miss the idea of answering the questions their potential customers need answers to.  Unfortunately, they don’t anticipate what potential customers will be looking for. Anticipation is a must.

4. There Has Clearly Been No Audience Research Done.

Before you start blogging or creating any form of content you have to research your audiences first. Creating personas is crucial. Some quick questions to ask yourself:

  • Who wants the services or products we offer?
  • Who are we trying to reach with our content?
  • What are the ages of our audiences?
  • Where are our audiences located?
  • What do our audiences want to see?
  • What creates trust in our audiences?
  • What is valuable to them?
  • What offends our audiences?
  • Where do our audiences hang out online?

Even just those basic questions above can help you start to create content that is relevant to your audience.

5. The Content is Embarrassing and/or Inaccurate.

When it comes to a company blog one important goal to have in place is to have perfect grammar and spelling. No one is perfect, but aim for perfection. Nothing gets published until it is triple-checked for grammar and spelling issues. Mistakes here and there are okay, but entire articles that have grammatical and spelling issues are an embarrassment for any company.

The next problem I see often is inaccurate information. If your blog is going to publish an article it should be triple-checked for accuracy! Make sure everything you say is up-to-date and accurate. One inaccurate statement can destroy trust with your audience and this will hurt your bottom line.


If your company is going to blog please keep remember to keep your audiences’ needs and wants in mind. You want to be helpful to your readers and you want to provide content that is readable, grammatically correct and typo free. You should always want to create trust with your readers and providing good information with professional writing is a great way to start.