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March 15, 2013 (Updated: May 4, 2023)

As a copywriter there are certain rules that should always be followed in order to get the best SEO with every article, press release, review and other content that you write. With this in mind we’ve put together a list of tips that you can use when writing that will effectively put SEO at the forefront of any article and get the search results needed to make it rank well and be as profitable as possible.

1. Keep a Theme

Every article you write should follow a central theme so that the SEO keywords are in alignment and the benefits are more pronounced. If your articles don’t do this, you take the risk that they will rank poorly as there won’t be a sufficient percentage of keywords to impact their rank on the search engines.

2. Know the Keywords First

When you are preparing to write any content it helps to already know what the keywords (short and long tail) are going to be.  The main benefit of this is that, when you’re writing, you will be able to place the keywords into the article much more seamlessly so that they don’t look as if you just tossed them in at the last minute.  Also, knowing what the keywords are before you start will make writing the content easier and faster.

3. Write Relevant Content

Of course relevant content is vital to any article that you’re writing.  Even the best keywords aren’t going to help very much if the rest of the article has nothing to do with them.  Relevant content is the key to persuasive content that ranks high and uses its keywords well.  It should be researched thoroughly so that it’s up to date and has something of interest for the reader.

4. Keep Content Original

Writing original content may be the most important tip that we have for a number of reasons.  First, if the content isn’t original it won’t rank nearly as high as it needs to in order to attract new customers.  Second, plagiarized content usually ranks very poorly on search engines like Google and thus isn’t very effective. Finally, if the content can be found all over the net then the interest for readers is going to be very low.  Make sure that whatever you write is original and, if you wish, check it with Copyscape online for only 5 cents per article.

5. Pick Prominent Spots for Keywords

This tip is a good one but rather difficult for a newbie.  Keywords that are placed at random throughout your article will do their job but, if they’re placed in the ‘sweet spots’ of your article they will do much better.  Placing them, for example, at the beginning of a sentence or paragraph is better than in the middle.  Ending one sentence and beginning another by using a long tail keyword is an excellent idea also.

6. Use Keyword Synonyms

If the keywords that you are using have many synonyms or synonyms that are popular, you should use them a few times in your article to increase SEO and ranking.  For example, if you’re talking about hot dogs you should also use the synonyms frankfurter and wiener in your article because that’s the name many people use and thus search for online.

And there you have them. Six excellent tips that any copywriter can use to make sure that the articles and content they’re writing will be SEO rich and rank well on the search engines.  Use them in good health.

Brian Taylor is the VP, Business Development at Forix SEO in Portland, OR. Forix offers affordable and ethical SEO services in Portland helping small businesses with their Internet marketing needs.

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