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6 Marketing Conferences Worth Attending in 2017

Marketing is all about connecting. You connect with ideas, people, and brands. Much of the time, you can make those connections through great content creation, interacting via social media, phone calls, and email. Still, the best connections come from face-to-face interactions, the ones that force you out of the darkness of your office and into the light. However, when you live on the opposite side of the country from other parts of the people in your network, direct interaction is sometimes difficult. That’s why conferences are great!

Marketing conferences are more than just a meet-and-greet. They’re environments where people create, nurture, and share ideas. Conference guests explore innovations, and everyone leaves the better for attending. Plenty of marketing conferences take place across the world this year. Some are big, while some are small. Many conferences are well-known, but some great ones are more obscure. You cannot visit them all, but you can use this article as a guide to decide which conference(s) will benefit your brand the most. Here are six marketing conferences worth attending in the second half of 2017.


Marketing conference

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Conferences aren’t just places where relationships begin. They’re also where people test boundaries and where discussions help us think outside the box. FutureM, which takes place this week, from September 20th-21st in Boston, is principally for the marketers dedicated to innovation and shaping the future of marketing. At the conference, attendees listen to inspirational ideas of some of the greatest thinkers and leaders in the industry.

When attendees aren’t in lectures or panels, they meet to discuss the practicality of these creative ideas and how they can bring the ideas to life. This year, self-proclaimed digital prophet Shingy will lead much of FutureM’s discussion.


If you really want to get the best out of 2017 marketing conferences, you may not have much time to rest in the latter part of September. From September 25th to September 28th, Boston hosts INBOUND. This is one of the biggest conferences dedicated solely to digital marketing. Every year, INBOUND draws more than 10,000 attendees. It’s an unbeatable opportunity to network with other people who share your passion for marketing.

The speakers at INBOUND never disappoint, bringing experience from inbound marketing, content creation, and distribution. Come and hear great advice as well as the ideas and innovations that will push the industry forward.

B2B Marketing Forum

It seems like Boston is the hottest city for conferences this year, so if you live in the area, prepare for industry professionals to swarm the area for weeks at a time. Don’t pass up that chance to network. Make the most of it! On October 3rd through the 6th, the B2B Marketing Forum will take Boston by storm. This conference will prove especially useful to those looking to improve their B2B marketing. Leaders in B2B will discuss such varied topics as content, conversion optimization, social media, and SEO.

In addition to learning from the most prestigious and innovative leaders in the industry, the B2B Forum features lots of fun, entertainment, and creative networking opportunities to shake it up.


Maybe you’re looking for a conference that focuses more on SEO and its various aspects than any other facet of marketing. Maybe that’s really what your business needs now. SearchLove is just what the doctor prescribed. Plus, the upcoming SearchLove gives you a great opportunity to go on a memorable trip, since it will be taking place in London on October 16th – 17th.

While SearchLove certainly discusses many facets of digital marketing, its focus lies in analytics and search. So, if you want to learn all about the updates to search engine algorithms or how you can increase your website’s ranking, you can’t miss SearchLove. The conference will feature great speakers and leaders such as Will Critchlow, Mike King, and Rand Fishkin.

Search Marketing Expo & Conference Series

Also taking place in October with an emphasis on SEO is the Search Marketing Expo and Conference Series (or SMX). SMX is considered the leading conference for search marketers and updates attendees on the latest SEO strategies and tools that will improve their overall search tactics. SMX also takes networking activities to the next level. For example, last year at SMX West, some of the attendees were able to take a stroll through the Googleplex, a once in a lifetime opportunity. Who knows what fun networking events they’ll have this year in New York City?

SMX has one more reason to entice you to book tickets to NYC now. In addition to other great industry professionals, SMX attendees will also hear from top executives at Google and Microsoft, an opportunity that you wont find at most other industry shows.


Pubcon had a smaller show back in February, but that was just the pre-game. The main event is taking place on November 6th – 9th in Las Vegas. Pubcon started in a London Pub (hence the name). From those humble beginnings, Pubcon has gained a reputation as one of the best conferences. Thanks to that reputation, it attracts the best in the industry, both speakers and guests.

Pubcon focuses on helping digital experts to market and manage commercial websites. The conference tends to highlight tips on SEO, PPC, social media strategy, conversion, affiliates, and ROI. Still, Pubcon is much more than just a series of lectures. It’s also an expo full of exhibit booths. CopyPress will be at booth 202, so come by for a visit!

While technology is creating more and more ways to avoid actual human contact, you can’t forget the value of physical networking and building relationships with face-to-face communication. That networking, along with the valuable things you’ll learn at these 2017 marketing conferences, may just hold the solution you need to solve a serious problem in your strategy. Alternately, it may give you what it takes to catapult your brand to the next level. Either way, you can’t miss out on these conferences. You should start planning your trips today!

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