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6 Ways To Tailor Your Content Marketing To Your Brand

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September 30, 2021 (Updated: December 20, 2022)

Content marketing has many options for companies looking to attract organic traffic. These tactics are generic, but there are ways you can tailor them to better fit your brand and put a unique spin on the traditional themes. Doing this can help you make sure you’re targeting the right audience and meeting your business goals.

6 Tips To Tailor Your Content Marketing Strategies

Use these six tips to help tailor your content marketing strategies to your brand and followers:

1. Rely On Social Media

Social media posts are just one type of content marketing. Each post is a new chance to attract followers and keep your current audience engaged. This is a good channel for brand customization because you have complete control over what you post and how you post it. Use photos and filters that fit your aesthetic profile, create polls for your stories, and use language that you want people to associate with your brand.

Depending on the demographics of your target audience, you can use different social platforms to share out the same content customized to the target age ranges or genders popular with that channel.

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2. Build Topic Authority

Build your company’s authority on a topic or a few related topics on your website, blog, and social media channels. For example, if you’re in fashion retail, you might build authority on topics like styling, sustainability, or thrifting. Doing this encourages people to view your company as a source of trustworthy information on these topics. Becoming an authority can attract more people as readers and viewers. Once you’ve gotten them to your site, you may have a better chance of making sales or conversions because they already trust your brand.

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3. Choose an SEO-Friendly Website Theme

Your website or blog theme can set the tone for your entire business, especially if you’re an online-only company. Pick a website theme that appeals to both human visitors and search engine bots and crawlers. This means having a visually appealing theme and quality code behind it. Look for themes with:

  • Mobile-friendly capabilities
  • Quick loading times
  • Plugin support
  • Multiple browser functionality
  • Clean backend code

4. Think Video

Online video viewing, and therefore video content creation, has increased over the last decade. Whether you’re live-streaming, uploading to TikTok, or sharing to your website, there are plenty of options and ways to incorporate video into your content marketing strategy. Video is helpful for tailoring content to your brand because it gives more opportunities to show customers what your company is really like. Showcase your actual employees, your workspaces, or in-person storefronts. You have control over the tone and style of the video content and how and where you intend to share it to best connect with customers.

5. Focus on Events

What things do you and your employees celebrate? National holidays, employee work anniversaries, and product launches may be just a few of the events you can promote with your content. Using these and other themes for your content can help customers learn what your business values. It may help them better relate to and identify with your brand.

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6. Play To the Customers

A brand is just as much about the work you put in to attract customers as it is about the ones that become loyal to it. Create content that appeals to the people you’d like to have as long-term customers. Meet them on the social platforms where they browse and create content that they care about. Use mediums that they prefer, like written articles and videos, and tie it back to your greater company message. This can help ensure that you’re developing a brand that your target audience identifies with and views as part of their own identities.

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