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7 Examples of Great Interactive Content

You probably see interactive infographics and content all day. It’s so prevalent, it might not even register to you what it is. Between quizzes and calculators and maps, it’s easy to forget that all of those things are considered pieces of interactive content that take time and talent to create. In this newsletter, we’re going to look at how to create interactive infographics and content and what makes interactive content so great.

What Makes a Great Interactive?

Before we go through those awesome examples, it’s important to understand the criteria for a great piece of interactive content. It boils down to its effectiveness. If it gets the user to follow through the entire piece of content and perform the intended action, it’s effective. It informs, educates, and/or generates sales. It goes viral. It gets shared. It needs to engage the user. If the user doesn’t feel compelled to get through the entire piece of content, it’s a dud.

Another mark of a great interactive piece of content is the design. If the design is well done, it’s only going to grab a reader’s attention that much quicker and hold it that much longer. It’s almost like when you come across a website with horrible graphics and immediately click out of it because you know it’s poorly put together and not worth your time. The truly great pieces of interactive content are meticulously put together, from concept, to wireframe, to full design.

Okay, time to look at some real world examples.

1. MTV

Great interactive Game of Thrones Map

Image via MTV

MTV capitalized on the popularity of “Game of Thrones” and put out this stunning interactive map that chronicles the journeys of some of the hit characters. It takes a show that can be complicated to keep up with and laid it out in an easy-to-use map.

Taking advantage of a pop culture phenomenon is a perfect way to grab your reader’s attention. It’s also a great way to target specific audiences because it’s easy to find the demographics for things like popular television shows. It doesn’t have to be limited to television shows, either. It can be sports, music, or anything making waves at the moment.

2. AirBNB

Great interactive Airbnb in Berlin

Image via AirBnB

AirBNB found another way to make an interactive piece of content engaging, and that’s by showing that something makes a difference. People love a cause. They put out an interactive piece of content that showed their positive economic impact in Berlin. It allows you to continuously scroll to keep reading, and offers you options to click on specific locations to learn even more.

If you create content about a topic people care about, especially when it shines a positive light on your business, you push people to consider the impacts other businesses have, and keep you in their minds as a company that’s doing good. If they want to do good, too, they can use your business.

3. Psychic Source

Great interactive Online Tarot Reading

Image via Pyschic Source

Psychic Source calls to the reader’s curiosity. Even if you aren’t sure how you feel about psychics, people are still generally pretty interested in what they have to say about them. Psychic Source put out a personal tarot card reading. It shuffles a deck of tarot cards. You choose six, and it goes over each card you chose.

An intriguing or mystical route is a smart one to take, and Psychic Source did it right. There’s no commitment. It only aims to inform. If it piques the reader’s interest, it can push them to explore more of the website or share it with their friends. Just about everyone wants to know what their future holds.


Great interactive

Image via knew a problem people had, and they found a way to help solve it with a useful piece of interactive content. When content is fun and useful, the engagement factor can shoot way up. knew sometimes people with smaller homes need help finding ways to maximize their space, so they provide a house layout with space-saving arrangements and decorations, and you choose what you’re interested in to find out how to do it yourself.

DIY is a huge market, after all, that’s why channels like HGTV are so popular. People learn all the time how to do things themselves, through television shows, YouTube videos, or through interactive maps and tutorials. If you give someone who is cost-conscious a cost-saving DIY project for their home that’s actually useful, chances are they’ll jump at the chance to try it out.


Great interactive ant guide

Image via

Another website that is looking to educate people, put out an interactive that explores the different types of ants, where they’re located, where they usually live in your house, their color, size, and interesting facts.

If you’re a homeowner looking for information about the ants in your house, this is the perfect piece of content. It’s a problem so many people have, and a handy guide is what so many people are looking for when it comes to identifying pests.

6. Orbitz

Great interactive perfect match

Image via Orbitz

Orbitz created a wildly popular quiz that, while it most definitely on the fun side, it also gives a glimpse of truth into how well you’ll travel with your upcoming business travel partner. It asks if they are your perfect match. It asks a series of questions that have romantic undertones, but that are clearly meant for a coworker or boss.

It’s fun, funny, and probably a little true. If you’re there to take the quiz, maybe you’ll end up booking your travel through there, too.

7. FitBit

FitBit went the B2B route with their interactive infographic. They describe the great ROI wearable technology has for employers as employee wellness programs are becoming more prevalent. They make a great case for why their technology can boost your business. They’re pretty convincing.

This is a perfect route to go if you’re trying to get your product in front of other businesses instead of individual consumers. Get the data. Display it beautifully. Make your case.

Great interactive Fitbit

Image via Ceros

Great interactive content is everywhere. The next time you take a BuzzFeed quiz or a virtual tour, maybe you’ll realize, “Hey, great interactive content really is everywhere.” Not only is it everywhere, it’s great for business. You see the impact it can have, so you don’t want to be behind the curve. Did we miss your favorite piece of interactive content? Reach out on social media to let us know!

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