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7 Reasons Your Business Needs Instagram



April 12, 2018 (Updated: February 28, 2020)

So you’ve signed up for Instagram — now what? Instagram is the second-largest social media platform currently in use. You should be using it for your business. Why? Simply put, it’s a fantastic way to draw more attention to your company and product. Building your brand on Instagram can bring your business to the next level. Discover the top seven reasons your business needs Instagram.

Impress at First Glance

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Having a fantastic bio on Instagram is a surefire way to get noticed, earn followers, and increase clicks to your website. Your business bio should include the company’s name, a tagline, and one to three branded hashtags.

The only clickable link allowed on Instagram is the one in your bio. Be sure to upgrade it frequently with new content links, promotional links, or wherever you want your followers to go. Just keep in mind that the bio is only 150 characters, so use the space wisely. This is a great way to link to your most recent content, making content marketing easier than ever.

Create a Branded Hashtag

With a branded hashtag, it’s easy for people to find and follow you. A branded hashtag also makes your products more accessible and provides the potential for a viral post. Most importantly, it gives your business an online identity and visibility.

Provides a Call to Action (CTA)

You end each article with a call to action. It makes sense that you do the same on Instagram. Your hashtag provides users a different and unique way to remember you, your product, and your brand.

Helps Increase Traffic

Links don’t work on Instagram, but that won’t stop your traffic. Update the link in your bio frequently with meaningful content, promotional pages, etc.

Optimized for Discovery

Think of hashtags as keywords. Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags in each post you do. Always use your branded hashtag and then search hashtags that match your photo or industry. This makes you searchable.

Remember people often use hashtags to search Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The more relevant your hashtags are, the more discoverable you become.

Boost or Advertise Your Business

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Boosting and advertising are now easier than ever on Instagram. You can pick any of the following separately or run multiple promotions at once.

Photo Advertisements

Photo advertisements look very similar to the posts you already do. The only real difference is that a “Sponsored” label is placed above the photo. Further, a “Learn More” button is on the right-bottom corner right underneath the post.

Video Advertisements

Video advertisements are much the same as your regular videos. The only difference is the “Sponsored “label above your video.

Carousel Advertisements

With Instagram’s new feature of uploading several images in a single post, carousel advertisements are an appealing option. Similar to photo ads, these have a “Sponsored Label” along with the “Learn More” button. Users can swipe through the various images you uploaded.

With so many advertising options, you’ll be able to draw in more clients. Just be sure to use images that are relevant to your brand and your content.

Collaborate and Partner With Instagram Influencers

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Content marketing is all about reaching your target audience and gaining a new one at the same time. Instagram allows you to @mention others you’ve worked with. Mentioning and collaborating with others will enable you to highlight special content, influencers in your area, or partners you may be working with. Collaboration is a great way to get more eyes on your brand. Keep in mind that while many may search hashtags, some people don’t. Tagging partnered accounts is a great way to get noticed.

Shout-outs are different than just tagging or mentioning another brand, partner, or influencer. This is a paid campaign. Essentially, part of your content and product marketing strategy may include paying influencers to amplify your products on social media. This is done by an influencer, brand, or partner with a much more significant following than your own. Shout-outs or paid campaigns is a great way to gain new followers quickly. This form of collaboration only works if the influencer’s following is genuine and you provide a strong call to action.

Instagram Takeovers

Instagram takeovers are a fun way to showcase influencers or brands you’ve partnered with. Collaborators are given a chance to run your Instagram for the day. You can supply them with your own content to put onto their accounts.

Discover New Audiences

Conducting a takeover is an opportunity to reach new audiences for both accounts. Since you are both collaborating and have your own followers, this will bring new eyes to both of your products.

Hold a Q&A for Greater Engagement

Each photo series you post on Instagram during the takeover should either tell a story or ask a question. The session allows the audience to post comments and ask questions about your product, and more importantly, it increases your engagement. The content you present should be relevant to your brand, of course.

Bring Your Audience Behind the Scenes

People are naturally curious, and if your followers consist of clients, they want to see your workspace. Use Instagram to showcase the entire lifecycle of your content. Take images of your workspace, your nearly empty coffee cup, sketches, whiteboards, or notes and upload it to Instagram with your branded hashtag. It shows that you put time and consideration into the products they love.

Analytics and Success

Instagram Business allows you to track your analytics. This means you’re able to see user engagement, new followers, unfollowers, and what is trending on your Instagram profile.  Knowing what is working and what is not can greatly help you and your business. You’ll be able to add more tailored content and strategies that work. Do a weekly check of your analytics so that you can prepare your strategy for the week ahead.

Whether you’re trying to build your brand, increase engagement, or drive web traffic, Instagram should be an essential part of your content marketing strategy. Instagram can provide you with the online branding to take your business to the next level.

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April 12, 2018 (Updated: February 28, 2020)

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