7 Ways to Create Content without a Blog

Renayle Fink


June 7, 2017 (Updated: January 23, 2024)

As companies grow, attracting and keeping customers is crucial. The biggest way to that is to create content. However, a company can’t put up anything and think it will stick. Sure, there’s SEO and keywords, but if the content isn’t great, customers won’t stick around and growth stalls.

Before, having a blog would guarantee customers reaching out to see what a company was all about. But with the increase of social media, people find other ways to connect with companies. Also, blogging takes commitment and time a company doesn’t always have. There are other solutions to try. Here are seven ways to grow a business without maintaining a blog.

1. Use Video to Create Content

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Companies are increasing their video content production. In fact, in 2017 videos will make up 74 percent of content on the internet. Consumers are four times more likely to remember a product or company from a video than text alone. Even the word “video” in an email subject line gets opened! Uploading a video to a website is a quick way to create content. Writing out a script helps in keeping the focus on the message.

2. Use Social Media to put out New Content

Did you know Facebook has over 1 billion users a month? It is predicted to go over 2 billion in 2017. Instagram has over 700 million active users a month, and Pinterest is dominated by women with 44 percent of users being female. This information is valuable to companies looking to market their brand. Instead of trying to keep a blog updated regularly, invest in a social media manager. Researching when a target market is on social media means a company creates and posts content lots of people see.

3. Outsource the Blog to a Content Creation Company

Visual content is rapidly rising, but having a blog helps build a company’s SEO rankings. However, there are many factors to consider: what day to publish a new blog post, the right time, and what to actually post. Worrying about a consistent schedule leads to many companies ignoring their blog.

Why not outsource the blog to a company specializing in creating content? Doing this helps get on the first pages of Google, and customers see a company updates their information regularly. Copypress is one of the leaders in content creation, working with everyone from startups and Fortune 500 companies around the world to keep their systems updated.

4. Have People Subscribe to a Newsletter

Have you ever heard the phrase “The money is in the list?” That list is email subscribers, and it’s what companies spend their time and money growing. An email newsletter is a quick way to create content without having a blog. Nearly everyone who’s on social media has an email address. There are classes to help people get started using email.

Emails are valuable because if Facebook or Instagram goes away, a company loses all their customers. Emails are also useful because followers on social media might not see everything you post on the company’s page, even after doing market research. Keep it simple with short updates, and use pictures or add links to visual content.

5. Create an App

If a company wants to interact even more with potential customers, an app is a creative way to reach them. For example, Domino’s has an app customers use to track their pizzas from creation to delivery. Don’t worry if it sounds like a lot of work or worry it doesn’t fit the brand. Create a simple app with basic information about the company and how it helps the customer. Or get creative and create a game based on the service the company provides. After creating an app, reach customers with a video explaining it and any features useful to them. Also ask for feedback on how it’s working and if there are any glitches.

6. Create a Podcast

Finally, if there’s a lot of content a company wants to put out but also wants as little text on a website as possible, start a podcast. A podcast is a great way to give updates while showing off a human side. Hearing from a CEO of a company helps people to connect and put a face to a business.

Creating a podcast also give a company access to another demographic. More men than women listen to a podcast, over 51 percent are under 34, and 45 percent have an annual income of over $75,000 a year. The number of listeners nearly tripled from 2009 to 2017, and most people are subscribed to six podcasts. That’s access to a market every week, all without needing to writing a blog.

7. Create an Infographic

Pictures with information on them get more attention than words. Take an advertisement for example: combining words and images stand out a lot and persuade people to buy a product. Infographics are like advertisements, but instead of catchy slogans, there are statistics or data written with bold letters, good illustrations, and eye-popping colors.

Infographics are important to businesses because a person is three times more likely to share an infographic on social media than any other type of visual content. What can companies create with an infographic? A yearly update on how they’re doing, or a breakdown of where profits are going.

As more people connect to the internet, it’s clear visual content helps a company out. Every video, image, or even podcast lets companies reach out to customers, who in turn share what they’ve seen to others. Visual content isn’t going anywhere; even B2B companies made creating visual content a top priority. Companies constantly think out of the box to create content to wow an audience so they are competitive in an industry.

Now, this does not mean blogging is dead. In fact, blogging helps a website rank high in Google. However, a company shouldn’t let blogging be the only content they create to reach potential and current customers. Combine two or even three of these seven ways and create content to keep the business growing.

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