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7 Ways to Make People Want to Share Your Blog


Published: September 2, 2013 (Updated: January 26, 2023)


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The ultimate goal for you and every other blog admin is to grow in popularity so that your blog grows in authority, because a popular blog receives tons of traffic that can turn into sales leads.

Creating  share worthy content is easy once you know exactly what to do. There is no magic trick or special coding you install to make people want to share, success lies in implementing a series of ethical tactics that any admin can master. Check out the seven easy tips below to create a blog anyone would want to share.

1. Have a Good Web Host

The number one thing to consider when you want to build a quality blog is your web hosting. The Internet is literally crawling with hundreds of hosting companies trying to entice you with their services.

It’s important to do your research before you commit to any of them because most companies require at least a six-month subscription. If you choose a low quality company, you might be stuck with them for a while.

When your blog is shared, more people will visit your site and your popularity will grow. Inspiring people to share your content and your blog is one of the best forms of advertising you have.

When someone willingly shares your content with their peers, it means that they believe in it enough to endorse it and invite their group to check it out also. Follow the easy tips above and always give your blog visitors a reason to want to share your content. is a great — and free — resource to find web hosting companies. They do all the research you just have to choose the hosting company that best fits your needs.

2. Offer Quality Content

People share what they like, if they don’t find quality in something then they are less likely to recommend it, so it’s important to always offer unique content. You want your visitors to leave your site feeling satisfied enough to share. Your content should be a healthy mixture of text posts, images, and videos that are relevant to the niche and devoid of fluff.

3. Fresh and Relevant Design

Dressing to impress doesn’t just refer to the human world, it also refers to the blog world. A fresh and relevant blog design has the ability to leave a lasting positive impression on the minds of the visitors.

Whether you seek the aid of a professional web designer, design it yourself, or buy a template from sites like ThemeForest or ElegantThemes, your blog’s design should be relevant to the subject matter and the niche.

Without going overboard, if you post about outdoor living, then your design should reflect that to a certain degree. A blog that is dressed beautifully and relevantly will get more shares than one that is designed poorly.

4. Easy Navigation

Once you have managed to attract visitors to your site, the next step is to keep their attention long enough for them to see the quality in your blog space.

One way to keep visitors interested is to have a well-organized site that is clear and easy to navigate. If a visitor has to try hard to find what they are looking for on your site, they’re likely to leave and head somewhere else. You want your visitors to have a smooth viewing and navigation experience and you want to create pages that clearly point to the information that they are seeking.

 5. Share Buttons

One of the easiest ways to get want you want in life is to simply ask for it. The advent of social share buttons is one of the best things to have happened in the world of blogging.

Share buttons for networks such as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Stumble Upon allow you to non-obtrusively request to be shared. These can be added easily and freely through sites such as

By adding these to each post you are giving readers the opportunity to share your quality content without having to add calls to action at the end of each post.

6. Be Personable and Professional

To inspire shares it’s important to maintain a personable and professional relationship with your visitors. You need to reply to comments in a tone that is authoritative yet likable.

You should aspire to be as knowledgeable and dominant as big business yet as approachable and down to earth as a human being. When you take the time to offer additional advice and reply to comments, you will build a stronger relationship with your visitors and they will eagerly share your content and recommend your blog.

7. Be Consistent

 If a highly popular magazine decided to take a break for six months, chances are that when they came back, they would have lost a great deal of readership. The same is true in the world of blogging.

Consistency is imperative in order to solidify authority in your niche. To be consistent in your blog means that you are continuously offering high quality content and you are keeping your design updated and fresh. The best way to be consistent is preparation – always have a healthy surplus of content ready to post while working on new content.


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