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December 21, 2011 (Updated: May 4, 2023)

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179, 015, 916.

That’s how many blogs are in the blogosphere right now according to Blogpulse. But that’s not all: another 91,000 were created in the past 24 hours. Do you think your blog can stand out from that kind of clutter?

New blogs break out and become overnight sensations every day. What’s the difference between that one standout blog and the other 90,999? That one blog has a little something extra: a wow factor that the other 90,999 can’t compete with.

1. Be useful.

Give your readers something they need, but can’t find anywhere else. Provide something of real value to readers and they’ll be back for more in the future.

2. Be original.

It sounds easy, but being original in an oversaturated blogosphere is an incredibly difficult task. Chances are, if you’ve got a fantastic blog idea, so do thirty other people– and they implemented it five years ago. You’ve got to do something drastically different in order to stand out from the clutter of the blogosphere.

3. Be community-focused.

Some blogs are known for their content and their community. Building a community of like-minded readers and writers naturally encourages commenting, sharing, and guest posting. Instead of a distant audience, you’ll have readers who genuinely care about your blog; thanks to your community, they’re invested in your blog. In fact, having a small community is often worth more than a larger audience when it comes to growing your blog.

4. Be genuine (or be a character).

Whether you’ve got a genuine sparkling personality that shines through your writing or you’ve got a killer character that makes people laugh, your blogging personality is one of the easiest ways to hook readers and bring them back for more.

5. Be an expert.

Sometimes a blogger’s street cred gives them a huge edge over lesser-known bloggers. People are much more likely to read a cooking blog written by Giada de Laurentiis than a cooking blog by a college student.  Whether you’ve got a well-known name in your field or just a wealth of experience, you can use that know-how to power your blog.

6. Be first.

First in your niche, first to break news stories, first to voice your dissent– success in the blogosphere is often forged by being the first in your field. Be the original call, not the echo.

7. Be well-connected.

The well-connected bloggers are the social butterflies who truly know how to network within their niche. They’re regularly tweeting other industry leaders, guest-posting on others’ blogs, networking at conferences– even hiring an online marketing service company to boost their brand. Networking with other big players is an easy way to give your blog a leg up above your competitors.

Sound Off: What Do You Think Makes a Blog Stand Out From the Rest?

Is it the web design? The in-depth content? The community? The author’s voice? Tell us what qualities you look for in a blog or share your favorite blogs in the comments!

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